Office ofThe Registrar


The Registrar’s Office is responsible for collection and publication of the semestrial class schedule. This process occurs twice a year; once for Summer and Fall and once for J-term and Spring. The class schedule for Summer and Fall is made available to the campus in late March. Registration for these terms begins in early to mid April. The class schedule for J-term and Spring is made available to the campus in late October. Registration for these terms begins in early to mid November.

The class schedule, once made available to the campus, is published in an online format through Banner Web. It can be viewed by visiting:  Click on the sixth option, “Class Schedule”.

Faculty members who have questions about the class schedule should contact the Chair of their department or the Scheduling Coordinator (see Registrar’s Office staff).

Registration for classes spans a two-week period and is ordered first by student level (graduate, undergraduate, non-matriculated, etc.), then by the total number of accrued, completed credits the student has earned at and/or officially transferred to PLU. The week period before registration is called Advising Week. At this time, first-year and sophomore students are instructed to meet with their academic advisor to determine their classes for the next term and receive a registration access code. This is required to register through Banner Web. Juniors and seniors are encouraged, at this time, to meet with their major advisor to ensure that they are set to graduate on time. Juniors and seniors are not required to have an access code.

Registration is initiated by the student through Banner Web. For instructions on how to undertake this process, click on the link to the right, “How to Register”.