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Planning for the future

Many steps are involved in creating the annual budget for our university. The budget includes university-funded financial aid, faculty, staff and student salaries, services and purchases (including study away expenses), equipment and maintenance (including capital expenditures).

Each May, following the internal planning process and in consideration of the recommendations of the Budget Advisory Committee, the PLU Board of Regents adopts Pacific Lutheran University’s annual operating budget.

Budget Advisory Committee

This university committee’s general purpose is to assist the President in the development of the university’s annual budget.

The Specific Duties of the Budget Advisory Committee as outlined in the Faculty Handbook:

  1. To elicit such information from such sources as are appropriate to executing the committee’s general purpose.
  2. To meet with such bodies and such individuals as are appropriate to executing the committee’s general purpose.
  3. To make such recommendations to the president and to such other persons or bodies as are appropriate to executing the committee’s purpose.
  4. To regularly consult with and report to the bodies represented in the committee’s membership.

2017-2018 Budget

The university operates on a fiscal year, which starts June 1st and ends May 31st

Program Leaders

Meeting Information

Current Endowment

Value of Endowment as of May 31, 2017: $95.2 million

As of 12/31/17, an estimated 1.7% of PLU’s Endowment was invested in fossil fuel stocks.

Investment Advisor: Pavilion.