Capital Improvements ProjectProjected CostCurrent Costs
as of 05/31/2017
ADA Audit Survey$125,000$118,710
AUC Condensate Tank Replacement$54,4390
Harstad Parking Lot Repair
(Additional $50,000 parking committee funds)
Harstad Space Modification - ESL Program)$68,200$71,770
Harstad Steam Line Repair$71,62964,938
Mary Baker Russell Office Space Consolidation$113,300$10,786
Mortvedt Roof Repair$205,038$0
Olson Lighting Replacement
(Additional $144,000 of donor funds)
Tingelstad Boiler Replacement$69,907$69,526
Tingelstad Parking Lot Modification$149,600$141,874
Ingram Media Lab Network Repair$0$75,997
FY16 Athletic Restrooms$0$360,954
FY16 Humanities Renovation$4,488