Projects and Purchases

The committee reviews capital expenditure (improvement/upgrade projects and equipment purchases) needs, sets priorities, and makes recommendations to President’s Council.  Final approval of projects and equipment purchases are made by President’s Council. Program Leaders are then notified of the list of approved capital expenditures for the next fiscal year. Most projects and purchases are completed in the summer and during university closures of the following fiscal year.

Building improvement and equipment purchasing plans are developed at least one budget year in advance through the Capital Expenditures Committee. Priorities for project and equipment purchases are developed through online maintenance requests to facilities management (School Dude), requests submitted to Information & Technology Services, recommendations of deferred maintenance needs by I&TS staff and facilities management staff.  These may include changes for ADA accessibility, general maintenance requests (such as painting), projects requested by the Fire Marshall to meet the fire code, small and large-scale facility upgrades, replacements or repairs (on such things as technology equipment, vehicles, carpets, walls, plumbing, and furniture) requests.