2014 Facilities Master Plan

The Pacific Lutheran University 2014 Facilities Master Plan builds upon the vision established in the 2006 Campus Master Plan and serves as a guide for the development of the PLU campus for the next ten to twenty years. The focus of this plan is to:

  1. Update the Needs Assessment incorporating new campus initiatives and needs
  2. Clearly articulate critical needs for facility upgrades, immediate program needs, and facility improvement solutions that range from minimal to higher costs
  3. Describe developments in sustainability efforts on campus since the 2006 plan
  4. Explore long-term options to address academic and student housing needs

The university mission and goals continue to serve as the guiding principles for every decision made throughout this planning process. Constituents throughout the university representing every department were consulted with their input providing critical direction in shaping the plan.

The Campus Master Plan goals include providing a campus environment that fosters intellectual growth, promotes creativity and expression, facilitates a sense of belonging and connects to place. As with the Campus Master Plan, the overall vision aims at conserving and enhancing areas that are highly valued while improving those that are weaker by comparison. Campus improvements also are maintained, such as increasing pedestrian linkages and upgrading buildings in the long term in a way that enhances sense of place and celebrates the campus history.

Connections between upper and lower campus are still seen as a critical elements as well as improvements such as an increase in the tree canopy and other open space upgrades. Since 2006, a number of sustainability measures have been implemented and resource use overall has decreased.