Geoff E. Foy, 傅逸哲

Board Chair, Associate Provost for Graduate Programs and Continuing Education at PLU

Geoff Foy
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Geoff E. Foy, Ph.D.傅逸哲博士
Associate Provost for Graduate Programs and Continuing Education, Pacific Lutheran University 太平洋路德大学研究生和继续教育中心副教务长

Dr. Foy is the Associate Provost for Graduate Programs and Continuing Education at Pacific Lutheran University (PLU). In his position, Dr. Foy provides leadership and administrative support for existing programs as well as strategic planning for developing new graduate degree and continuing education offerings. Dr. Foy also oversees PLU’s international recruitment and admission, which gives him opportunities to travel to China two to three times a year to visit current and prospective partner universities. One of PLU’s oldest university partnerships in China is with Sichuan University. PLU has had a cooperation with Sichuan University for thirty-three years.

Foy博士是太平洋路德大学(PLU)的研究生和继续教育中心的副教务长。Foy博士的 职责是为现有项目提供领导和行政支持,并为开发新的研究生学位和继续教育课程 提供战略规划。Foy博士还负责监督PLU的国际生招聘和录取,这使得他有机会每年 到中国两到三次,以访问现有和潜在的合作大学。四川大学与PLU已经合作了三十 三年,是最早与PLU合作的中国大学之一。

Dr. Foy received his B.A. in Psychology from Gonzaga University in 1988. His M.A. in Religious Studies was also earned from Gonzaga University and was completed in 1992. In 2003 Dr. Foy completed his Ph.D. in the Historical and Cultural Study of Religion from the Graduate Theological Union at Berkeley, California, with a specialization in Chinese Religions.

Foy博士于1988年获得Gonzaga大学的心理学学士学位。他的宗教研究硕士学位也 是从Gonzaga大学获得的,并于1992年完成。2003年,Foy博士在加利福尼亚州伯 克利的研究生神学联盟取得了宗教历史和文化的博士学位,专门研究中国宗教。

Dr. Foy has worked at National Donghua University in Hualien, Taiwan, Hebei Normal University in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, Shanghai Maritime University in Shanghai, and Beijing University of Technology in Beijing.