How To Pay For Your Test

After registering for your test at,  the next step is pay for your scheduled test.

There are two ways to make your payment. You can choose to pay online or pay through a check. To pay for your Online HSK Home Edition, please follow this link, choose your registered test date and make your payment. To pay for your On-site in-person HSK test at Confucius Institute of the State of Washington at Pacific Lutheran University, please use this link and choose your registered test date.


You can also send us a check payable to: “Pacific Lutheran University DBA CIWA.”  Address your envelope to:

Dr. Jun Zhou
The Confucius Institute of the State of Washington
Room 115 Harstad Hall
Pacific Lutheran University
12180 Park Avenue, S.
Tacoma, WA 98447-0003

To protect your exam time and place you need to scan a copy of your check and email it to us before it is mailed. ( )

Please note that payment for the onsite test must be received at least ten [10] days before the test date.  Payment for the at-home-virtual test must be received at least fourteen [14] days before.  Failure to provide adequate time to process your payment may cause difficulty in reserving your desired test date.

If you have any questions about the payment process, please contact us by email at or call +1 253-535-7354.

On-site Test Fee Information:

HSK On-site at PLU:

HSK Level 1: $20.00
HSK Level 2: $30.00
HSK Level 3: $40.00
HSK Level 4: $50.00
HSK Level 5: $60.00
HSK Level 6: $70.00

YCT On-Site at PLU

Level 1: $10.00
Level 2: $15.00
Level 3: $20.00
Level 4: $25.00

YCT Speaking Tests

Entry:               $15.00
Intermediate:  $15.00

Virtual-At-Home Fee Information:

HSK Virtual-at-Home:

Level 1: $26.00
Level 2: $39.00
Level 3  $60.00
Level 4  $80.00
Level 5  $100.00
Level 6  $110.00

HSKK Virtual-at-Home

Entry Level:               $26.00
Intermediate Level:  $39.00
Advanced Level:       $52.00

YCT Virtual-at-Home Written Tests:

Level 1: $13.00
Level 2: $19.50
Level 3: $26.00
Level 4: $32.50

YCT Virtual-at-Home:

Entry level:                $19.50
Intermediate level:  $19.50