DNP/MBA Nurse Executive

The DNP/MBA Nurse Executive program is designed for nurses with a MSN degree to earn the Doctor of Nursing Practice and Master of Business degrees simultaneously. This dual-degree program integrates coursework from both disciplines, allowing students to complete the requirements for both degrees in a streamlined manner. Advanced practice registered nurses and nurse leaders will acquire the necessary clinical and business management skills to succeed in an increasingly complex healthcare environment.

This program will prepare students to sit for certification exams, such as the Certified Nurse Manager and Leader (CNML) for those who have one year of experience in nurse executive work, and Certified in Executive Nursing Practice (CENP) for those who have two years of experience in nurse executive work. Graduates may be able to sit for additional certifications based on experience and training as a nurse executive.

The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) curriculum consists of the DNP core coursework (information systems and patient care technology, epidemiology, analytical methods, translating research into practice, and health policy) and a DNP Scholarly Project. The Master of Business Administration consists of 9 required courses. This track is perfect for a registered nurse with a MSN degree.

The program can be completed full-time in three years, or part-time within five years. Classes meet on campus in small cohorts and with close faculty support.

Total semester credit hours: 65

Class schedule: For the most part, DNP classes are held on one evening and one full day each week. Class schedule changes every term, your classes may fall on a different day for other terms. There may be a few daytime courses in the summer and January terms. The courses required for the MBA are held on-campus and are scheduled in the late afternoons and evenings. Afternoon classes begin at 3:40 pm.

Summer 2024 3 credits
GNUR 701 Foundations of Scholarly Writing & Communication (2)
GNUR 702 Advanced Practice Roles & Collaboration (1)

Fall 2024 11 credits
GNUR 703 Theoretical Foundations & Evidence-Based Practice (3)
BMBA 511 Accounting for Decision Making (4)
BMBA 513 Marketing Management (4)

January 2025 2 credits
GNUR 704 Pop Health, Policy, & Politics (2)

Spring 2025 10 credits
GNUR 705 Information Systems & Patient Care Technology (2)
BMBA 510 Legal/Ethical/Social Responsibilities (4)
BMBA 517 Financial Resources (4)

Summer 2025 3 credits
GNUR 706 Biostats, Analytical Methods, & Epidemiology (3)

Fall 2025 11 credits
GNUR 707 Quality Improvement & Research Methods (3)
BMBA 515 Organizational, Leadership, Change Management (4)
BMBA 522 Quant. Decision and Analytics (4)

January 2026 4 credits
BMBA 509 Global Business Perspectives (4)

Spring 2026 12 credits
GNUR 795 DNP Project Proposal (1)
GNUR 796 DNP Project Proposal Seminar (2)
GNUR 798 DNP Project Hours (1) (60 hours)
BMBA 521 Supply Chain/Information Management (4)
BMBA 523 Business Strategy & Innovation (4)

Summer 2026 2-6 credits
GNUR 797 DNP Project Seminar (1)
GNUR 798 DNP Project Hours (1-5)

Fall 2026 2-6 credits
GNUR 797 DNP Project Seminar (1)
GNUR 798 DNP Project Hours (1-5)

January 2027 2-3 credits
GNUR 797 DNP Project Seminar (1)
GNUR 798 DNP Project Hours (1-2)

Spring 2027 3-7 credits
GNUR 799 DNP Project Final Seminar (2)
GNUR 798 DNP Project Hours (1-5)

Nurse Executive DNP/MBA Sample Course Sequence–Full-Time (3 years)

Nurse Executive DNP/MBA Sample Course Sequence–Part-Time (5 years)