MSN (ARNP) to DNP Curriculum

Post-Masters ARNP-Prepared student

Effective 2019-2020

Total credit hours: 29 (Depends on gap analysis for acceptable transfer-in credits)

Program length: Depends on gap analysis

Program start: Summer or Fall (depends on gap analysis)

Class schedule: For the most part, classes are held Thursday evenings and all day Fridays, with a few daytime courses in the summer and January terms.

ARNP prepared nurses will take DNP core coursework (information systems and patient care technology, epidemiology, analytical methods, translating research into practice, and health policy), a DNP Scholarly Project coursework.  A gap analysis by the program director is conducted to determine what previous coursework meets the DNP competencies and which additional courses will be required for the PLU DNP.

  • This Post-masters DNP curriculum is designed for a MSN ARNP graduate. The curriculum is part-time, designed for working ARNPs.
  • This program is not specialty-specific, therefore any ARNP specialty may apply for the post-MSN DNP. Students’ coursework will be analyzed to determine what additional courses they will need to meet the AACN DNP Essentials competencies.
  • Post-masters students must have a total of 1000 post-baccalaureate clinical hours.

Curriculum for MSN ARNP prepared to DNP

Summer 2019 3 credits
NURS 702 Information Systems and Patient Care Technology (3)

Fall 2019 6 credits 
NURS 720 Analytical Methods (Research I) (3)
NURS 721 Epidemiology and Biostatistics (3)

January 2020 6 credits
NURS 704 Policy and Politics: Implications for Health Care (3)
NURS 705 Clinical Resource Management (3)

Spring 2020 4 credits 
NURS 790 Translating Research (3)
NURS 791 Proposal Seminar (1) (60 practicum hours)

Summer 2020 2 credits 
NURS 792 DNP Project I (2) (120 practicum hours)

Fall 2020 2 credits 
NURS 793 DNP Project II (2) (120 practicum hours)

January 2021 2 credits 
NURS 794 DNP Project III (2) (120 practicum hours)

Spring 2021 4 credits 
NURS 799 DNP Scholarly Project IV (3)
NURS 795 Transition to DNP Practice (1)