Family Nurse Practitioner Curriculum

The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) curriculum consists of the DNP core coursework (information systems and patient care technology, epidemiology, analytical methods, translating research into practice, and health policy), a DNP Scholarly Project, the Family Nurse Practitioner specialty coursework, and the clinical specialty core.  The Family Nurse Practitioner core coursework focuses on client-centered clinical practice and prepares nurses to respond to the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s health care consumers, to manage direct care based on advanced assessment and diagnostic reasoning, to incorporate health promotion and disease prevention interventions into health care delivery, and to recognize their potential for professional growth, responsibility and autonomy.

Total semester credit hours: 80

Class schedule: For the most part, classes are held on one evening and one full day each week. Class schedule changes every term, your classes may fall on a different day for other terms. There may be a few daytime courses in the summer and January terms.

Summer 2023 8 credits 
NURS 700 Advanced Practice Roles (2)
NURS 701 Theoretical Foundations and Evidence-Based Practice (3)
NURS 702 Information Systems and Patient Care Technology (3)

Fall 2023 9 credits
NURS 703 Organizational and Systems Leadership (3)
NURS 720 Analytical Methods (Research I) (3)
NURS 721 Epidemiology and Biostatistics (3)

January 2024 3 credits
NURS 704 Policy and Politics: Implications for Health Care (3)

Spring 2024 9 credits
NURS 730 Advanced Pathophysiology (3)
NURS 731 Advanced Pharmocotherapeutics (3)
NURS 734 Evaluation and Outcomes Research (Research II) (3)

Summer 2024 6 credits
NURS 732 Advanced Physical Assessment (4)
NURS 733 Advanced Health Promotion (2)

Fall 2024 10 credits
NURS 770 Primary Care Procedures and Diagnostics (3)
NURS 771 Psych for Primary Care (2)
NURS 772 FNP I: Diagnosis and Management of Common Episodic and/or Stable Chronic Illnesses (5) (120 clinical hours)

January 2025 3 credits
NURS 705 Clinical Resource Management (3)

Spring 2025 9 credits 
NURS 790 Translating Research (3)
NURS 791 Proposal Seminar (1) (60 practicum hours)
NURS 773 FNP II: Diagnosis and Management of Acute and Complex Health Problems (5) (120 clinical hours)

Summer 2025 6 credits 
NURS 792 DNP Project I (2) (120 practicum hours)
NURS 774 Women and Children in Primary Care (4) (120 clinical hours)

Fall 2025 7 credits
NURS 793 DNP Project II (2) (120 practicum hours)
NURS 775 DNP 3: Diagnosis and Management of Chronic and Complex Health Problems (5) (120 clinical hours)

January 2026 2 credits
NURS 794 DNP Project III (2) (120 practicum hours)

Spring 2026 8 credits
NURS 799 DNP Scholarly Project IV (3)
NURS 795 Transition to DNP Practice (1)
NURS 776 FNP 4: Diagnosis and Management of Complex Comorbid Patients (4) (120 clinical hours)

BSN to DNP Family Nurse Practitioner Sample Course Sequence–Full-Time (3 years)

BSN to DNP Family Nurse Practitioner Sample Course Sequence–Part-Time (4 years)