Program Outcomes

The PLU DNP program outcomes are as follows:

1. Integrate and actively use science-based theories and concepts in advanced nursing practice.

2. Develop and/or evaluate effective strategies for improvement in practice including risk assessment and quality care delivery approaches that meet current and future needs of patient populations.

3. Integrate and apply current research knowledge to solve complex practice situations while identifying strategies to continuously incorporate and communicate new knowledge.

4. Use information systems/technology to support and improve patient care and healthcare systems.

5. Assume leadership to design, implement, and advocate for health care policy that addresses issues of access, resource management, and equity in health care.

6. Effectively collaborate as a member and/or leader of an interprofessional or a multidisciplinary team to improve health outcomes.

7. Evaluate care delivery models and/or concepts to provide health promotion and risk reduction/illness prevention strategies.

8. Assume the role and distinct skills of the Doctor of Nursing Practice in an area of specialized nursing practice.