DNP Scholarly Projects

Class of 2019

Liliya Artym, BSN, RN
Diabetes Mobile App Rx: Equipping Patients with Tools for Chronic Disease Management.

Behavioral Health Integration in Primary Care? A Case Study of Barriers in a Medically Under Served Area.

Diane Marie Crum, MSN, RN
Exploring Employer Expectations of Nurse Practitioner Utilization in the Emergency Department: A 2019 Survey of Washington State.

Stephanie Ann Dent, MSN, RN
Yoga, Nature Bathing and Newsletters: Improving the Mental Well-Being and Mental Health Literacy of College Students.

Markie Brooke Gibson, BSN, RN
Surveying Clinical Preceptors for Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner Programs.

Leslie Johnson, BSN, RN, CCRN
Improving providers’ confidence in pain management under new Washington State law: Outcomes of continuing education for safe opioid prescribing.

Patrice Laster-Wilcox, MSN, RN
Why don’t you come? Patient Motivations And Barriers To Participating In The YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program.

Ariana Norell McDonald, BSN, RN
Addressing the Unspoken Truth: Provider Education to Identify and Manage Adult Obesity in Primary Care.

Nancy Wairimu Minjire, BSN, RN
PrEP-ing for the future. Development of interventions to improve the referral process for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) initiation to prevent HIV.

Andrea Moore, BSN, RN
For the “Y” of it: Barriers to Utilizing the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program to Local Community’s Healthcare Providers.

Danielle Paschall, BSN, RN
Code Psychosis! Improving Behavioral Health Outcomes in the Emergency Department.

Clarissa Lynne Riches, BSN, RN
What Will I Get at the New Clinic? Community Expectations of a New School Based Health Center.

Courtney Amanda Yant, BSN, RN
Seeking Connection: Exploring Identity, Mental Illness and Help-Seeking Behaviors in College Freshmen.