Jennifer Kamimura

Digital Media Director


Office Location:Anderson University Center

  • Biography


Major: Communications (Concentration in Strategic Communication)

Minors: Political Science and Non-Profit Leadership

“In this role, I hope to apply the knowledge I’ve learned as a Communications major to effectively assist the different communities at PLU with their projects through different communication and publicity avenues. As a former student-worker in the Marketing and Communications Department, serving as a Social Media and Content Specialist, I have grown very fond of using social media to benefit various events, groups, and activities to help achieve their goals, whether it’s for attendance, awareness, or exposure. I look forward to growing my skillset and making new connections and opportunities within and outside Pacific Lutheran University.”


Would you rather be able to time travel, teleport, or fly?
“I would love to have the ability to teleport because I don’t like to drive. Being from Hawai’i I can’t even imagine driving in Washington. It really scares me. I’d also have more time to sleep in and not worry about the commute time!”