What kind of services does Impact offer?

Impact offers a wide variety of services, including:

  • Poster design
  • Logo design
  • Printing
  • Weekly Flyer ads
  • Digital display ads (shown every day on our Impact TVs on both levels of the UC)
  • Table top ads
  • Photography services
  • Videography services

Why is the Daily Flyer now the Weekly Flyer? What's changed?

As a student run business, Impact is always looking for ways to expand and grow, while also being aware of sustainability. The Daily Flyer, while a novelty around campus, uses about 36,450 pages of paper per school year. With the Weekly Flyer, we plan to be printing about half that amount, maybe even less.

Weekly Flyers will now be distributed around campus every Monday morning and will feature everything a Daily Flyer had.  Weekly Flyers will also stick around campus for 7 days rather than Daily Flyer’s 5, so more advertisement time for you!

Here are the new prices (for just one week) below:

Full page ad (Vertical or Horizontal)= $60

Half page ad (Horizontal)= $40

Quarter page ad (Vertical) = $25

Design Fee (optional)= $3

I'd like to meet with someone at Impact. When should I come by?

This year, Impact’s new directors are Hezekiah Goodwin, Business Director, Lydia Boorsma, Art Director, and Vilde Aker, Digital Media Director.

For office hours, every one of our employees are obligated to have them. Our office hours are…

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday

We are also available by appointment, so shoot us an email at

I'm interested in working for Impact! When should I apply?

For the 2021-22 school year, we are currently looking for two Graphic Designers and one Distributor! With that said, more positions might become available. So keep an eye on Career Connections for positions opening up for the 2021-22 school year. If you are interested, send us an email at!

Here are all positions at Impact:

  • Art Director
  • Digital Media Director
  • Business Director
  • Graphic Designer
  • Video Lead
  • Video Associate
  • Photography Lead
  • Photo Associate
  • Distributor

I'd like to see examples of Impact's past work.

We have a database of our past work posted here.

Posters & Distribution

I selected a certain day for distribution. Why isn't my poster up yet?

Currently, Impact’s poster distributor works once a week to distribute posters, with plans to add one more day to our schedule(TBA). For Fall 2021, posters are distributed on Mondays, at 10am.

In order to know ensure you get your poster distributed as soon as possible we recommend ensuring you submit your request 1-2 weeks ahead of time and specify when you want your poster up on the boards by.

Can Impact print a poster I've already designed?

Yes! Impact will print out a poster design and distribute it on all Impact boards. Your poster will get priority distribution and spacing on our boards. You can fill out a Quick Copy Request and attach your design to the form. We ask that you submit this request at least three business days before your desired distribution date, as we cannot guarantee that late requests will be printed in time for distribution. Late requests will result in a rush fee of $3.50 for 8.5×11 posters and $10 for 11×17 posters.

Will Impact distribute posters I've already printed?

Yes, we will even do it for free. All we request from you is that you drop off your posters in our mailbox outside our office, AUC 142, with your contact information inside the envelope. The forms for contact information and any other information we need are placed on our window for you to fill out. Please note that we will not distribute your poster unless there is a contact form filled out.

In addition, please recognize that Impact produced work (Quick Copy Requests and Creative Requests) are given guaranteed priority spacing and distribution. Put simply, if our boards are filled up with posters we have printed and designed we will not prioritize yours.

In addition, we ask you kindly to trim off any white frames off your posters as Impact’s boards are not only a service we have but also apart of our brand.

Please do not drop off your poster if the event date is more than two weeks from the drop off date.

What are the current distribution days/times this semester?

For Fall 2021, our Distributor works on Mondays at 10am with plans to expand to one more day in the nearest future(TBA).

Oh no! The Impact Boards are full! What other ways can I advertise?

We offer a variety of other Impact services. Our digital display ads are run daily on the Impact TVs, which are located in the upper and lower UC. We accept both static images and videos. Click here to request a digital display ad.

You can also place your advertisement in the Weekly Flyer for a low cost. These are distributed widely across campus.

Alternatively, you may post pre-printed posters on the bulletin boards under the Impact TVs in the UC, or on the bulletin boards on the UC staircase.