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Quick Copy Request

Quick Copy Printing

NOTICE: We distribute posters twice a week (days and times change for each semester, please check our website home page for accurate dates. If your desired day does not match up, please select the distribution day that falls before your event!

Remember that posters can only be up for 2 weeks and should be received by Impact at least 3 business days before the distribution date.
Contact Information
Printing Request

If you are looking to have posters printed and distributed on Impact Boards, please select a package from below. If you'd like extra copies (in addition to the 30 to be posted by Impact), please indicate amount and how you'd like to receive them.

8.5x11" Poster Package - $7.50
20# white, 30 copies, color

11x17" Poster Package - $20
20# white, 30 copies, color
Number of extra copies:

We can help with non-poster printing as well! Looking to get business cards, personal invitations, tickets, etc. printed? We can help. Below people describe the details of your project (estimated paper size, thickness, color or B&W printing, amount) and we will contact you to further solidify the project.

For pricing, click here.

If you have your own design, and would like us to print, cut and deliver them to Dining, please continue. If you need a design, please fill out the Creative Request.
You MUST have a reservation with Dining Services for ad space. Up to three organizations may have table top ads in the UC Commons at the same time, so be sure to apply early. Impact works as a partner with Dining Services in printing and designing, we do not manage advertising space. Read more and apply here.

Most often, Dining Services reserves ad space on a weekly basis. Please list the week(s) you have reserved at the end of this form. Ads need to be received by the Dining Services office the Thursday before the week the ad runs.

File Upload
Impact only accepts PDF and JPEG files. Your request will not be met if another file type is submitted.

Posters: In order to be approved by Student Involvement & Leadership for posting, all posters need to have the following information: Event Name, Time & Date, Location, PLU Sponsoring Organization/Department, Contact Email and/or Phone Number.

Table Top Ads: Should be 4x6". Impact only accepts PDF, JPEG or EPS files.
Other Impact Products

Finalizing Order
Please allow 3 business days between the day of this request and the actual distribution date. Failure to comply may result in a late fee or your poster not being distributed in time.
Please be aware that your poster is subject to the days and times our Poster Distributor works, and that posters are only allowed on the boards for two weeks (ideally, two weeks before your event). Read Distribution Policies here.
Account Number:
If you are paying cash or check, please drop it off to the office (AUC 142) during Director's office hours within 1 week.

By clicking "I Agree" you/your organization agrees to pay for the services listed above and has read and understood Advertising Policies and Distribution Policies.

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