Impact Pricing

Quality, affordable services. For PLU students, by PLU students.

Ready to use Impact but unsure what it’s going to cost? All our pricing information is available here!

Impact-Designed Requests

All Poster Design Packages (see below) include 28 printed copies, to be distributed on Impact bulletin boards around campus.

  • 8.5×11″ B&W – $20
  • 8.5×11″ Full Color – $40
  • 11×17″ B&W – $30
  • 11×17″ Full Color – $50
  • Additional $20 Rush Fee for any poster design request that is needed in less than 2 weeks.

Please submit a request a minimum of two weeks before you need it!

  • Logo – $65
  • Sticker Design – varies, please contact
  • Button Design – varies, please contact
  • T-Shirt Design – $65

Need to advertise your event for just a few days? Our Digital Display Ads are a perfect option. Impact manages the two TVs in the upper and lower UC, and you can place your advertisement there for a low cost. These TVs are in great spots in the UC and are seen by hundreds of students walking through each day.

  • Static Image ($2.50/day or $12/week)
  • Moving Video ($3.50/day or $15/week)
  • Design Fee – $4.50

Note: Horizontal ads work best, and the best size for filling up TV space is at least 1000 pixels in both width and height.

We employ a staff of videographers and photographers specifically for event coverage. For Video requests, please note that you should send in a request at least 3 weeks in advance.

  • Promotional/Event Coverage Photo – $80
  • Promotional/Event Coverage Video – $100

Due to the unique nature of these projects, prices may vary.

Quick Copy Pricing (printing service only)

Each package includes 28 copies to be distributed on Impact boards

  • 8.5×11″ Color – $7.50
  • 11×17″ Color – $20
  • Rush Fee*-3.50 for 8.5×11, $10 for 11×17 (for projects with less than 3 business business days)

*we reserve the right to refuse a request if it is too close to the distribution date/time.

Color Printing

  • 8.5×11″ – 20# white ($0.25/sheet); 70# or 90# white cardstock ($0.50/sheet)
  • 11×17″ – 20# white ($0.30/sheet); 70# white cardstock ($0.75/sheet)

Black and White Printing

  • 8.5×11″ – 20# white ($0.05/sheet); 20# colored ($0.10/sheet); 70# or 90# white ($0.40/sheet)
  • 11×17″ – 20# white ($0.30/sheet); 60# colored ($0.40/sheet); 70# white ($0.75/sheet)

This price is for pre-designed table top ads (i.e. already in 4×6 format)

  • Table Top Ad (90 4×6″ color, printed, cut & delivered) – $8

Weekly Flyer Pricing

Welcome to the Weekly Flyer! Here are our new prices. With the Weekly Flyer, you now get 7 full days’ worth of advertising (not 5, like the Daily Flyer!), at a rate that is 20% lower than previous Daily Flyer costs.

The Weekly Flyer is distributed every Monday, so if you’re interested in submitting a request, we’ll need it before 4pm the Friday before that Monday’s distribution.

  • Full Page Ad (8.5×11)- $60/week
  • Half Page Ad (5.5×11) – $40/week
  • Quarter Page Ad (4×6) – $25/week
  • Design Fee – $3