When you request an Impact design, rest easy in the knowledge that we know what we’re doing! Impact hires the best designers, photographers, and videographers from the PLU community, and we’ll make sure your project is exactly to your satisfaction. And what’s more, you’re helping students gain experience for their life after college.

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Spring Mapworks Poster
Spring Mapworks Poster 2017, by Jenny Kimura
A Black & Gold Tie Affair Homecoming Dance poster
Homecoming 2015
2nd annual one night bowling
Bowling Night 2017, by Leah Nicholson
Lolla PLUza poster
LollaPLUza Poster, 2016
Welcome Home. Welcome to Luteville 2016 Football Schedule
Football Poster 2016 by Leah Nicolson
Welcome to Luteville
Men's Basketball Poster 2017 by Hannah Eagle
ASPLU Presidential Elections Campaign Poster 2017, by Kier Hack
Welcome to Luteville Swimming
Swimming Season Poster 2017 by Colton Walter
Basketball Season Poster, 2017, by Hannah Eagle

Women’s Basketball Promo 2016, by Liz Perkins

Baseball Season Poster 2017, by Lee Gehrig
Homecoming 2016 Photobooth
Homecoming Photobooth 2016, by Hannah Park and Natalie Hull

ASPLU Promo video, Fall 2016, by Liz Perkins

Lu'au 2017 by Jenny Kimura
Group X Poster 2017 by Molly Russell
Shiori and Monica
Homecoming 2017 Event Photobooth by Natalie Hull and Hannah Park