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Impact Distribution Route Map. 29 total boards.
Impact Poster Distribution Boards


Impact maintains and distributes to 29 boards across PLU’s campus. If you would like for Impact to post posters that you have already designed and printed, please send them to AUC 140 (SAB/Clubs and Orgs) to be stamped and approved by the SE student workers. The workers will then take posters to Impact’s office. Please do not leave unstamped posters in Impact’s mailbox.

To see a full list of services, please click this link.

NOTE: The front desk of AUC 140 is not staffed 24/7; we recommend submitting your poster 2-3 weeks before the day you want your poster distributed. If there is no one at the desk, please leave it on the front desk or in the mailbox outside AUC 140. The student workers reserve the right to not take your poster if the boards are full. 

For Fall Semester 2017, Impact distributes on Tuesdays and Fridays. There will be no exceptions for late submissions. 

  •  Anderson University Center (Residential Life, Clubs & Organizations, Dining Card Swipe Desk, Old Main Market, LASR, The Cave)
  • Hauge Administration Building (near Student Financial Services and upstairs to the right)
  • Ingram (by Ingram 100)
  • Morken (by first floor bathrooms)
  • Rieke Entry Pillar
  • Mary Baker Russell (second floor practice wing)

  •  Harstad
  • Stuen
  • Ordal (lobby and stairwell)
  • Kriedler
  • Hong
  • Hinderlie (lobby and stairwell)
  • Pflueger (in stairwell)
  • Tinglestad (boards on all floors as of Fall 2017)

Distribution Policies

At a Glance:

Over the semester Impact receives hundreds of requests to design, print, and distribute posters.  As such, there are a few things you, the client, should keep in mind:

  • There is no standard board size for all 29 locations.  Some will fill up sooner than others, which makes it hard to guarantee that every board will get every poster.
  • First come, first served. Priority is given to clients who design and/or print through Impact services.  Drop-offs are set aside to go up after priority posters.
  • Impact will not accept last minute distribution requests. No exceptions.
  • Unless otherwise specified, posters go up for 2 weeks.
  • Impact’s employees are students–clients should recognize that the distributor will do their best to get posters up, however due to physical or other limitations may not be able to do so.  Just because the top section of a board is clear does not mean the distributor can reach it, or has access to something that can help them reach.
  • Only Impact employees may distribute/remove posters from Impact boards. No exceptions. 


For more on our policies, please see our policies page under FAQ’s.