Impact is hiring more Graphic Designers, one Photographer and one Distributor for the 2022-23 school year!

The people of Impact are creators, doers, thinkers, and dreamers. Our creative team consists of students of all ages, majors, skills, and backgrounds. And we want you to join us!

For all the positions mentioned above, we are taking applications and actively hiring from May 9th to August 15th.

To look more into what being an Impact Graphic Designer, Photographer, and Distributor entail you could either go to the Career Connections Opportunities Board or you can look in the list below at the three positions. You can send your application to either our email( or go through the Career Connections Opportunities Board.

Please note: For the Photographer position and Graphic Designer position we are requiring a (1) Resume, (2) Cover Letter, and (3) Portfolio. For the portfolio piece, we do not require these to be work done professionally. However, we do require it to get a greater idea of your skills as a media creator. Please note that we are looking for MULTIPLE Graphic Designers.

For the position as a Distributor, only a Resume and Cover Letter are required.

Applications Open!

Please contact us at or visit office hours with any questions!

As an Impact Graphic Designer, you will be responsible for creating innovative quality pieces of artwork to be distributed to the students of PLU through a variety of methods. Products and services include everything with regard to design. Mainly what you will be working on is posters, logos, social media design, and patches. You will also gain experience in working with clients and respond to an Art Director.


  • Artistically complete (at least) 1-2 creative projects each month assigned by¬†Art Director
  • Manage client relationships via email and face-to-face design concepts meetings
  • Check and respond to emails on a 24-hour basis
  • Finish projects in a timely manner


  • Graphic Design major or minor is very ideal but not required
  • Enrolled at least as a part-time student (6+ credit hours) and will continue to be a student through May 31, 2023
  • Shall not be on academic or disciplinary probation
  • Skills in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are ideal but not required(other designer software, such as Figma, can compensate for this)
  • Organized and dependable
  • Clear, effective, and constant communicator
  • Able to work independently and self-motivated as well as working with other designers and Art Director in workshops

The Impact Photo Lead is responsible for the completion of all photo projects, including shooting, editing and packaging. They are also expected to manage and be a resource to Photo Associates.


  • Manage all photo projects (with assistance of Business and Art Directors)
  • Manage Photo Associates¬†in the production of photo assignments
  • Manage client relationships via email and face-to-face concept meetings
  • Check and respond to emails on a 24 hour basis
  • Be a learning resource


  • Enrolled at least as a part-time student (6+ credit hours) and will continue to be a student through May 31, 2017
  • Shall not be on academic or disciplinary probation
  • Proficient to advanced experience with Adobe Photoshop (recommended: additional knowledge of Lightroom, Illustrator, and InDesign)
  • Beneficial but not required: personal DSLR camera
  • Experience using DSLR cameras, lights, and other staging equipment
  • Skills: self-motivation, dependability, creativity

The Poster Distributor distributes posters once a week in addition to having one hour of office hours each week.


  • Any year
  • Enrolled at least as a part-time student (6+ credit hours) and will continue to be a student through May 31, 2023
  • Shall not be on academic or disciplinary probation
  • Time management, active communication skills, flexibility, ability to work independently
  • Must be available to distribute posters once a week in addition to one hour of office hours each week (approximately 5 hours per week).
  • Organized, strategic, effective, and attentive to details

The Art Director manages the daily tasks of the office, including client and employee correspondence, printing, and overseeing poster distribution. Works with Business Director and Digital Media Director in a supporting role, and provides innovative new ways to develop Impact as a brand on campus.

  • Supervise and be responsible for all Impact products and maintain artistry and professionalism among staff
  • Assign projects to Impact creative staff members
  • Be available to oversee, teach and assist Impact artists in the creative process
  • Conduct formal and informal individual progress assessments with Impact artists
  • Product projects when needed
  • In conjunction with Business Director, supervise Impact bulletin boards and distribution
  • Manage creative requests for the Impact television screens in the AUC
  • Computer & copier maintenance
  • Coordinate creative projects with PLU clients along with Digital Media Director
  • Graphic Design/Communication major preferred
  • Adobe Creative Suite experience preferred

Business Director

The purpose of the Impact Business Director is to act as the manager of Impact including office and remote operations, financial management, client relations, internal marketing, and the evaluation of Impact’s role in providing effective advertising and design for the PLU community. Maintain staff office hours and scheduled team meetings.


  • Establish and maintain active communication lines between Impact and MarCom (supporting organization), to ensure that Impact functions as a business service rendered to the University, and upholds representation and policy of the University
  • Oversee the production of advertising and marketing communications material through the upkeep of the digital boards
  • Keep open communication with the Art Director, Digital Media Director, employees, creative associates, and clients of Impact at all times
  • Evaluate Impact’s role in providing creative services and take steps toward improvement
  • Take steps toward improving and working on market development aimed at increasing service and revenue from clients
  • Track and manage all budgets and costs
  • Keep track and ensure security of all Impact property
  • Set weekly office hours, to provide personal contact with customers and artists
  • Formulate new Impact policies and procedures as needed
  • Serve as a representative for the students enrolled at PLU to all groups within and outside of PLU as requested, and perform all other duties as may devolve upon this position
  • Coordinate finances for PLU marketing campaigns
  • Gain experience accounting and budgeting

Preferred Skills:

  • Business, finance, accounting majors preferred
  • Trello, Microsoft Office and Accounting platform knowledge
  • PLU Banner Financial Skills (Will Train)
  • PLU Four Winds Digital Signage Software (Will Train)

The Digital Media Director is responsible for Impact’s image and presence on social media and the Impact website, as well as for developing new ways to brand Impact to the PLU community.


  • Sophomore+
  • Strong graphic design skills, proficient experience with Adobe Suite
  • Clear communicator
  • Social Media experience (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr), website management experience preferred (WordPress).
  • Self motivated, creative, quick learner
  • Videography experience preferred, but not required.
  • Please send 5 portfolio pieces of your work to, and if you have any previous social media or website management experience (i.e. managing a company/organization’s social media/website), please include a link.

As Video Lead, you are responsible for the completion of all video projects, including filming and editing. You are expected to work with and be a resource for Video Associates.


  • Sophomore +
  • Self-motivated, dependable, creative management, strong communicator
  • Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Premiere
  • Experience with DSLR cameras, lights, microphones, and other staging equipment.
  • Please email 5 portfolio pieces to At least three must be video work.