Program Cost for Business Administration

Tuition is “locked in” for 6 consecutively enrolled semesters, which means the price for you will not increase as long as you maintain enrollment for 6 consecutive semesters.

Additional fees may include: Technology Fee ($260/year), a wellness fee ($110/year), a one-time matriculation fee ($205) Books, a Parking Fee, and materials for coursework.

The 2023-2024 MBA tuition is charged at a per credit rate of $1,350.  The total tuition cost for the 36 credit Business Administration major is $48,600.  The tuition rate is locked in for six consecutive semesters at the time a student begins the program.  There will be no additional cost for the required 10-day international experience.  Those who wish to complete an emphasis with their MBA will pay an additional $8,240 for a total program cost of $56,840.

Federal financial aid is available, and students may apply for PLU graduate scholarships and assistantships. The FAFSA application becomes available for the following academic year on October 1st.

Cost Breakdown by Term

Nine to 11 month education plan

TermCredit HoursCost
Fall 20234 courses (16 credits)$21,600
J-Term 20241 course (4 credits)$5,400
Spring 20244 courses (16 credits)$21,600
Optional Summer emphasis (Summer 2024)2 courses (8 credits)$8,240

21 month education plan

TermCredit HoursCost
Fall 20232 courses (8 credits)$10,800
J-Term 20241 course (4 credits)$5,400
Spring 20242 courses (8 credits)$10,800
Optional Summer emphasis (Summer 2024 or 2025)2 courses (8 credits)$8,240
Fall 20242 courses (8 credits)$10,800
Spring 20252 courses (8 credits)$10,800