Supply Chain Management

A semi-truck leaving a distribution center.

Supply chain management (SCM) is a multi-faceted discipline that plays a critical role in the competitive success of virtually every business. A growing number of organizations rely on their supply chains to meet customers’ expectation because effective SCM enables them to deliver products or services to end-users in a timely and affordable manner. SCM professionals participate in fundamental decisions associated with business success in a global environment.

This certificate is open to anyone who has educational or employment experience in the field of Supply Chain, Logistics, and Operations.

Summer Session

Learn about the Summer Class Schedule through the Summer Session website.

Summer 2019 Classes include:

  • Advanced Supply Chain Management
    • This course presents a range of advanced topics in integrated operations and supply chain management. Topics include strategic sourcing and procurement strategies, demand-driven performance, mitigation of supply chain risk, management of third party logistics, and management of supply chain security and risk. Critical to understanding supply chain operations is a review of conventional operations practices and the challenges of flow vs unit costs and the specific challenges of complex supply chains and complex technical systems.
  • Project Management
    • Study of project management principles and techniques including planning, network building, project control, reporting and closing to address the unique conditions and challenges associated with designing and managing major non-repetitive undertakings. May not be counted toward more than one concentration or certificate.

A reduced summer tuition rate of $700/ credit for a total of $5,600.