Healthcare Management

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Healthcare is an industry that impacts everyone. Strong leaders are needed in healthcare, from the smallest clinic to the largest health services corporations. Healthcare leaders across the spectrum of care need to know role of costs, quality, and access to services.

Effective management and innovation in a variety of healthcare settings is vital to meet the needs of patients, including the involvement of insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, managed care programs, and other organizations within the health care industry. Visit Discover Healthcare Admin for information on more opportunities in Healthcare Administration positions.

The Healthcare Management certificate will explore the policies and changes managers are facing in all areas of health service delivery, with an emphasis on how to make effective and innovative decisions for these organizations.

This certificate is open to anyone who has educational or employment experience in the field of healthcare.

Summer 2020 Classes included:

  • Managing Healthcare Enterprises
    • Surveys policy and operational issues facing managers in the rapidly changing health care environment. Explores challenges of managing in health care settings, including hospitals, medical practice organizations, long-term care facilities and clinics. Discusses health care related organizations such as health insurance companies, consulting firms, managed care organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and other organizations that support the health care industry.


  • Project Management
    • Study of project management principles and techniques including planning, network building, project control, reporting and closing to address the unique conditions and challenges associated with designing and managing major non-repetitive undertakings. May not be counted toward more than one concentration or certificate.


  • Diversity and Multiculturalism
    • In this course we will examine the research and application of diversity and multiculturalism in business. From sociological theories of inequality to hands-on case studies, we will grapple with what it means to create and sustain a diverse, multicultural business in an increasingly multicultural world (and why diversity is good for business!). In addition to reading reflections and course discussions, students will engage in a real world assessment of select businesses.


A reduced summer tuition rate of $714/credit for a total of $5,712.


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Summer Session

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