Leading Organizational Change

A Guide to Advance Your Career with an MBA Degree


About This Guide

If you want to be a part of the solution to a lack of critical leadership in today’s professional landscapes, an MBA degree will equip you with the sought-after leadership skills needed to effectively communicate, make data-driven decisions, and successfully lead others.

Whether you have a background in business or not, there are so many reasons to get an MBA if you’re looking to master the art of change leadership and global awareness in your field. In fact, pairing an MBA with your undergraduate degree can ultimately result in you securing your dream career.

This resource is designed to offer a comprehensive look at the opportunities available to those who obtain a Master of Business Administration that is focused on leadership and ethics.

In this resource, you will find information related to

  • The critical leadership gap in today’s professional landscape
  • Why getting an MBA is worth it today
  • Pairing an MBA with your degree to secure your dream job
  • Jobs you can get with an MBA
  • A closer look at PLU’s MBA program