Videos Spotlighting the Master of Business Administration

Put Theory Into Practice with an MBA

Learning goes further than just the classroom. In this video, Juanita Reed, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs from PLU School of Business, discusses how MBA students take their experiences and what they have learned beyond the classroom and apply it in many different industries.

PLU MBA International Experience: PERU

PLU MBA students spent their spring break exploring Peru, from large corporations in Lima to small local businesses that have been in operation for generations. Students learned about the Peruvian economy, political dynamics, and, most importantly, they learned with their hearts and embraced Peru’s complex history. Here are ten days in Peru in five minutes!

Veteran and HR Professional Dorcas Cluley Recommends the PLU MBA Program

Veteran and corporate human resources professional Dorcas Cluley ’18 shares a bit about her career and why she recommends the MBA program at Pacific Lutheran University.

PLU Offers Many Learning Opportunities

“We’re looking at strategy and innovation as the main components of our program, which means that we have to be innovative ourselves…to make sure that we not only talk to them about global business and international business, but we take them abroad outside of the country, we have them get that firsthand experience”. In this video, Juanita Reed, the MBA Program Director talks about the different learning opportunities provided by Pacific Lutheran University.

Educating Future Global Leaders

The Pacific Lutheran University MBA Program is founded on the cornerstones of leadership, creative innovation, global awareness, and ethical responsibility.