Department of Kinesiology


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Our Foundation

** KINESIOLOGY ** The study of human movement

As noted in PLU's Principles of General Education, the faculty and staff at PLU are committed "to nurturing the development of whole persons-in body, mind, and spirit."

In support of this commitment, the Department of Kinesiology (KINS) provides a rich variety of educational experiences that help students satisfy both General University Requirements (GURs), as well as pre-professional preparation requirements in several undergraduate majors and minors.

The wide range of physical activity classes offered by KINS enables students to satisfy their four (4) required GUR credits but, more importantly, are intended to help students increase their awareness, knowledge and behavioral skills regarding the role of physical activity as a foundation for lifelong health and fitness. Further, we believe our undergraduate pre-professional preparation programs, which integrate both liberal arts and professional education, truly prepare students "for lives of thoughtful inquiry, service, leadership and care" PLU 2010, p.1.

Our Mission

The primary mission of the Department of Kinesiology(KINS) is to provide quality academic professional preparation for undergraduate students in areas related to the study of human movement, especially as it supports the pursuit of lifelong physical activity and well being (ie. health & fitness education, recreation, exercise science, pre-physical therapy, pre-athletic training and health & fitness promotion). We strive to prepare future leaders who will positively impact the health behaviors of individuals and of society through the education and promotion of life-sustaining and life-enhancing pursuits.

The successful completion of our majors demands a strong integration of the liberal arts and sciences with thorough professional preparation in light of respective state and national standards, accrediting bodies and certification programs. Internship experiences are an integral element of all majors in the department and allow for students to further develop and apply their education and training in real world, professional settings.

In addition, we provide a diverse array of physical activity instruction for students as part of the General University Requirements (GUR) of the university. The goals of these classes are to 1) develop in each student a fundamental respect for the role of physical activity in living, including the assessment of physical condition and the development of personally designed, safe, effective and functional fitness programs with attention to lifetime activities and 2) to expose students to a diversity of physical activities and experiences in a manner which enhances understanding of their educational, social, spiritual, ethical and moral relevance. Our programs provide opportunities for all participants to develop and apply a knowledge base regarding physical activity and psychomotor and behavioral skills, which encourages the development of lifelong health and wellness.

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