Academic Excellence in Kinesiology

The professional programs in the Department of Kinesiology prepare prospective leaders for successful careers in physical education, exercise science, health and fitness promotion, pre-physical therapy, and pre-athletic training.

The University’s physical activity courses, offered through our department, seek to ingrain in each student a fundamental respect for the role of physical activity in daily living. Instruction is offered in approximately 30 different physical activities. The activity program is characterized by a timely response to student interests in the varied recreational sport and lifetime leisure opportunities available in the Pacific Northwest.

General Education Program Element

Four different one-semester hour courses (PHED 100-259), which must include PHED 100, are required for graduation.

Our Degrees

The department offers two degree programs: the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Kinesiology (B.A.K.) with teacher certification option, and the Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology (B.S.K.) which offers two different pre-professional concentrations: exercise science and pre-physical therapy. Students completing these degrees often go on for further graduate study in physical therapy, sport psychology, athletic training, exercise science, recreation, public health etc., or enter into professions such as teaching, personal training, promotions and management, youth programming, coaching and other areas and do so in diverse settings such as schools, private health clubs, nonprofit agencies, corporations, professional sport teams, youth clubs, hospitals, parks and recreation departments and health departments, among others.

In addition, five distinct minors can be used to complement majors within the department, or can be pursued by majors outside the department in areas of personal or professional interest. These minors are coaching, exercise and sport psychology, kinesiology (general studies), personal training, and pre-athletic training.