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Kreidler Hall

Contact Information

Resident Director:          Allison Carroll

RD Contact Number:  253-538-5599

Front Desk:              253-535-7895


This traditionally designed residence hall has been converted to a building of all single rooms.  Residents living in Kreidler must be 20 years of age or older, or junior status (60 semester hours) by September 1st for fall semester or February 1st for spring semester. This is the only traditional style residence hall where visitation is not limited. It is three stories tall, and houses approximately 60 residents.

Kreidler tends to be more quiet than other halls, and its residents have the same type of independence that South Hall or off-campus residences offer, yet  still provides the traditional-hall on campus experience.  It is located on upper campus.

Kreidler Hall, originally named West Hall, was built in 1957. The building was named Kreidler Hall in the spring of 1966 to honor Lora Bradford Kreidler who served as Dean of Women and teacher of arts from 1921 to 1943.

You Must Be 21 Or Older To Have Alcohol In Kreidler Hall

If you are 21 or older, you may now have alcohol in your Kreidler Hall residence under certain guidelines.  Don't forget to get to take the Kreidler Alcohol Course and get to know the Kreidler Hall Alcohol Policy.

  • WiFi throughout the building
  • Residents have the option of a flexible meal-plan
  • A fireplace is located in the main lounge
  • All rooms are single rooms
  • Well equipped kitchens
  • Pool table
  • Centralized study room
  • Centralized laundry room

Kreidler Unfurnished Room Kreidler Furnished Room

 Unfurnished Kreidler Room             Furnished Kreidler Room