Department ofResidential Life

Living on Campus is an experience, not just an address!

At PLU, we don’t call our living facilities “dorms.” Dorms are a place to stash your gear, study and sleep. Residence halls are much more. PLU provides quality on-campus living and learning environments that encourage and enhance participation and enjoyment of your college experience. Students are not only supported in class, but also where they make a home.

Old PLU Dormitory  PLU Residence Hall

Old Dormitory Type Room         PLU Residential Hall Room

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Foss Harstad Hong Hinderlie
Kreidler Ordal Pflueger South
Stuen Tingelstad
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All of the Residence Halls are very well equipped, but of course you will want to bring items that make your room a bit more homey.  We have compiled a list of suggested items.  Please remember that these are suggestions only.  Residence Hall rooms vary in size as well.  We have floor plans and before and after pictures of our Residence Halls on their individual links that are easily accessible through the quick links on the right side of each Halls website.  We also encourage you to contact your roommate as soon as you learn of your roommate assignment to see what items you might want to share, in order to avoid doubling large items.  Click Here to view the list.