Department of Residential Life

Residential Learning Communities (RLCs) are an integral component of the PLU experience, adding to the learning that happens in the classroom and beyond. Many RLCs offer residential linked courses for first year students that are thematically related to an RLC. By participating in a residential linked course that means your classmates for that course will be your neighbors. Students who participate in residential linked courses have increased community and academic support to promote success in their first year at PLU! Learn more about the PLU history of RLCs and research supporting this learning model.

The RLCs that offer residential linked courses for first-year residents are marked below with an ’*’.


*First in the Family Wings For students who are first in their families to attend college (first-generation students whose parents did not graduate from a four-year, degree granting institution in the U.S.) with support to connect them to resources for success in and out of the classroom. Community comprises two wings in Ordal Hall; all residents will co-enroll in a linked one-credit student success course section.

Gender Inclusive Housing Wings For students who want a mixed gender living experience. Features mixed gender wings with gender inclusive bathrooms that have enhanced privacy (open to all users, regardless of biological sex or gender identity). Single rooms and gender inclusive rooms are an option for students for whom biological sex does not match gender identity. Community comprises two wings: one in Hinderlie Hall and one in Tingelstad Hall.

Mixed Gender Housing Wings For continuing students who want a mixed gender living experience on their wing with single-gender rooms and bathrooms. All Hong Hall, all South Hall, and two wings in Pflueger Hall are designated as Mixed Gender Housing.

*Hong International Hall For students who are interested in a global study focus, Hong offers language-immersion (Chinese, French, German, Norwegian, Spanish) and International Honors (IHON) wings. All non-IHON first-year residents will co-enroll in a linked First Year Experience Program (FYEP) writing 101 section on the topic of global study. Community located in Hong Hall.

*Social Action and Leadership Wing For students interested in gaining an increased understanding of their cultural identities through reflection on values while learning how to create positive change in their communities. All first-year residents will co-enroll in a linked First Year Experience Program (FYEP) writing 101 section on the topic of social justice. Community comprises two wings located in Stuen Hall.

Tingelstad Wellness Community Wings For students interested in conversations and activities that promote and sustain healthy lifestyles, including transitioning to college in a way that develops healthy habits around mindfulness, diet, exercise, substance use, time management, and mental health. Community comprises four wings located in Tingelstad Hall.