Residential Life Reminders

Whether this is your student’s first semester on campus or they are returning, here is important information to know about life on campus.

What to Bring

We know that sending your student off to college and moving on-campus may be a big step for everyone, and our number one priority is helping your student to feel at home and to love where they live. Here’s a link to our list of Things to Bring.

Not everything on this list is a necessary item; we encourage students to think about how they live now, and how much they want to feel at home. Remember that your student’s on-campus room may be smaller than their room at home, and not every item may fit.  Many of the larger items may be things that could be shared with a roommate.

Your student should have their roommate assignments by now – encourage your student to talk with their roommate before you arrive on campus.  We created a handout with suggested talking points to start the conversation.  If they don’t know their roommate, encourage them to start easy and discuss common interests or stuff they plan to bring.

Move-In Day is an exciting time for the entire PLU community. Use #welcomehomelutes to share your photos and follow us on social media (@plureslife on FacebookTwitterInstagramand Pinterest.)

Living on Campus
The residence halls are a place where students can draw connections between what’s happening in the classroom and what’s happening in their lives. Residential Life makes every attempt to provide residents with the needed resources to live in a healthy and enjoyable community. These resources range from the assistance of trained professional and student staff members, to programs and services that help students to live, grow and learn in a residential community.

Living on campus extends a student’s education beyond the classroom. PLU residence halls offer important opportunities for growth, community engagement and immersion in campus life.

We’re excited your student’s going to join us on campus.  This is an exciting time, but can also be a bit stressful.  If you have any questions we encourage you to reference our website or contact us at or 253-535-7200.

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