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The Alumni Referral Scholarship form is NOW OPEN for students who would apply for a Fall 2025 or later start. The deadline for current high school seniors has passed.

Refer a student and they can receive $4,000!

As a graduate of Pacific Lutheran University, you know firsthand the amazing experiences students have as a part of the liberal arts education here. With the Alumni Referral Scholarship, you can help students have the chance to experience it for themselves.

With your referral, a student can receive up to $4,000 in scholarships during their time at PLU.

There’s no limit to the number of students you can qualify for an award. You don’t have to wait until they’re seniors, either – refer a freshman to give them lots of time to think about becoming a Lute. It’s never too early to refer a sophomore or junior!


Fill out the Student Referral form


Student applies to PLU & is accepted


Student receives $1,000 annually!


Frequently Asked Questions

What communication will the student get?

The student will receive an email letting them know you’ve referred them, which will explain the Alumni Referral Scholarship and encourage them to visit campus. They will also receive informational materials from the Admission Office, if they haven’t already.

What if they don’t enroll at PLU?

In the event that PLU isn’t the right fit for the student you referred, we’ll wish them well at their university of choice. As with the rest of their PLU financial aid package, the award is only given if the student enrolls here.

Who is eligible to receive this award?

Any student in high school is eligible as long as the referral is completed by Dec. 1 of their senior year. Any student who is referred by alumni and then enrolls at PLU will receive the award.

Why is the deadline Dec. 1?

This is necessary for PLU to be able to assemble financial aid packages and notify students in a timely fashion.

Will anyone be accepted after deadline?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept referrals for seniors in high school after the Dec. 1 deadline — so start submitting students now, even if they’re freshmen or sophomores!

Who can refer students?

Anyone can refer a student to PLU, and we strongly encourage that. Only students submitted by a graduate of the college will be eligible for the Alumni Referral Scholarship.

What if a student is referred by multiple alumni?

Hopefully that means many people have spotted a Lute in the making! That student’s Alumni Referral Scholarship would bear multiple names to honor everyone who encouraged them to attend PLU. The award amount will not increase.

Can a Legacy student receive an Alumni Referral Scholarship?

Our Legacy students (those who have had a parent attend PLU) will not be eligible for this award as they will receive a $1,000 per year Legacy Scholarship.

Is a student eligible if they have already applied to PLU?

Yes, as long the referral form is submitted before Dec. 1 of their senior year of high school.

Why does PLU need the student’s contact information?

We need some way to reach out to the student to tell them about PLU — and to notify them of the $4,000 award in your name!

Do I have to provide the money, too?

Nope, referring a student won’t cost you a dime! This amount is built into their financial aid package from PLU.

Are transfer students eligible?

Any student that was or is currently enrolled at another college or university is eligible as long as the referral is submitted by Dec. 1 for the following fall start, and Oct. 1 for the following Spring start. Any student who is referred by an alumni and then enrolls at PLU will receive the award for up the three years.

Any student previously enrolled at PLU is not eligible.

Are Graduate Students Eligible?

No, graduate students are not eligible.

Can PLU employees refer students for the scholarship?

No, current employees are not eligible to refer. PLU employees can Recruit a Lute at this link. Please fill out our Recruit a Lute Form if you have a teenage family member, a neighbor, or a family friend you’d like our admission teams to start recruiting as a first-year, transfer, or graduate student.

Don't stop there!

We’re always asking you to tell your PLU story because it’s the most effective way to illustrate the power of our mission: to educate students for lives of thoughtful inquiry, service, leadership and care.

Once you’ve referred a student, reach out to them and let them know. Talk about PLU with them. Encourage them to visit campus — or bring them on a visit! And advocate for PLU when they’re deciding where to enroll.