PLU Internship Fund

The application is now open for internships taking place during summer 2024. Scroll down to “Apply Here” to submit your application.

The PLU Internship Fund is intended to provide financial assistance to current students participating in unpaid internships during the spring and summer semesters. 

Recognizing the inherent costs of participating in an internship, the PLU Internship Fund provides support to ensure all students can participate in this form of learning. Students may apply for up to $500.00 in funding to support expenses from their internship experience. Funding is to be used to supplement one’s own resources to offset the cost of expenses related to the internship, including (but not limited to):

  • Housing 
  • Transportation to and from the internship (including gas, airfare, bus pass, etc.)
  • Academic credit fees
  • Required gear (such as a uniform or work boots)
  • Program fees & books
  • Internet costs for virtual internships

Eligibility Requirements for Funding:

  • Must be a current full-time student. (Please Note: Students doing a PLUS Year are not eligible to apply).
  • Internships must meet the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ definition of an internship and legal guidelines set by the Department of Labor.
  • Applicant must have been offered and accepted an unpaid internship prior to submitting an application for the Fund, and the internship must be unpaid.
  • Internships must occur during the term in which the student applies for funding. For example, to receive internship funding in Spring, the internship must occur during spring semester. 
  • For summer internships, the student must be enrolled for Fall semester 2024.
  • The internship may be for academic credit or not for academic credit.

To Apply

The application includes a 250 word written proposal, a 150 word outline of expenses, and documentation of expenses. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, therefore, it is advantageous to apply as soon as possible. Please apply by clicking the button below.

The PLU Internship Fund was made possible by the J&J Fredricksen Fund in Memory of Bill Crooks. Check out the following articles to see how the fund supported students last year! 

Breana Downs ’24: A summer soaring with native birds at the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Alliance

“If you can make the sacrifice, I would recommend considering unpaid internships that give opportunities that other paid internships would not! For example, this internship was unpaid, but I gained hands-on medical experience that I would not have been exposed to with other paid wildlife rehabilitation internships that I considered for this summer…”

Read more about Breana’s experience at the button below!

Annica Stiles ’25 explores Iceland’s wilderness and culture

“This advice could be more creative, but get out of your comfort zone. It will be worth it, and this is the easiest time in your life to take advantage of these opportunities and either get academic credit, financial compensation, or something to add to your portfolio or resume. Find something that makes you really excited and do whatever you can to do it. There are options to help make it possible.”

Read more about Annica’s experience at the button below!

Please Note:

The review process for applications begins in January and will continue to be reviewed on an ongoing basis until no more funding is available.

If selected, disbursement of the award will be in coordination with the Office of Financial Services.

Funding may be considered taxable income by the Internal Revenue Service. Please consult a tax professional.

International and undocumented students are eligible and encouraged to apply.

Final Report

Every recipient of PLU Internship Funding is required to submit a final report reflecting on their experience. This report is due at the end of the term in which you receive funding. For information about what to include, please click the button below. Upon completion, please email it to Brandi Hilliard at bhilliard@plu.edu.


Please contact Brandi Hilliard, Director of Career, Learning & Engagement
Email: bhilliard@plu.edu
Phone: 253-535-7740

Brandi Hilliard