Mentoring aspirations

Need-to-know Information About Our Mentoring Programs

When does the program take place?

Our mentoring programs span from November-April. During each of these months, mentors and mentees are expected to meet at least once per month, for a total of 6 times throughout the academic year.

Where can I register for the Mentoring Program?

Mentors and mentees register to participate through LuteLink.

For mentors, registration takes place in August & September, and for mentees, registration takes place in September & October.

How will I be matched?

Mentees will have the opportunity to view mentor profiles and indicate three “favorite” mentors they wish to be paired with.

Mentors and mentees will then be matched based on the criteria indicated when they registered on LuteLink. This includes a variety of factors such as mentee selected favorites, industry interests, identities (e.g. first-generation, LGBTQIA+, race, athlete, etc.), and major or educational background.

How will I connect with my mentor/mentee?

Depending on the mentor’s location, monthly meet-ups may take place in-person or virtually. You can message and video call directly through LuteLink, so there’s no need to exchange personal contact information if you don’t feel comfortable doing so.

Mentees will be encouraged to initiate contact and schedule the first meeting with mentors. Ideally, this will happen within the first two weeks. Mentors: If you notice your mentee is shy, feel free to reach out to them and get the ball rolling.

How will I stay notified/stay on track?

The program has resources specifically designed for you – helpful activities and handouts to assist with goal setting, suggested conversation topics, and reflection exercises.

You’ll receive a series of emails and notifications that will remind you of a new message, any upcoming meetings, or goal deadlines — how convenient!

What happens after the program is complete?

After the structured program concludes, feel free to continue connecting with your mentor/mentee through LuteLink or other communication channels if you wish to extend the relationship.

Complete a post-mentor program survey that will be sent to you when the mentoring programs close. Your feedback on this survey will allow us to continue to improve our mentoring programs every year.

Thank you for your interest in the PLU Mentoring Program! If you have any questions, please contact the program manager, Brandi Hilliard, at