Applying for Graduate school

Tips for the Graduate School Search Process

  • Talk with your professors and find out where they went to graduate school, ask if there are particular graduate programs in their field they would recommend.
  • Research Professional Associations in your field of interest. Many associations will provide information about accredited graduate programs in their field.
  • Identify application requirements for your graduate program of interest, including: any required undergraduate coursework, required admissions test (GRE, LSAT, MCAT, etc.).
  • Seek internship and volunteer opportunities in areas related to your desired field to make you more competitive in the application process.
  • Talk with current students and faculty members at the schools you are considering.
  • Review “Graduate School Resume” for tips and considerations for writing your resume that accompanies your applications.
  • Check out this Graduate School preparation resource, which features information such as how to select a program and school, prepare for graduate school exams, and the statement of purpose.

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