Emily DiNatale

Visiting Assistant Professor


Office Location:Ramstad Hall - Room 106B

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  • Professional


  • Ph.D., Clinical Health Psychology, East Carolina University, 2014
  • M.A., Clinical Health Psychology, East Carolina University, 2012
  • B.A., Psychology , Appalachian State University, 2008

Areas of Emphasis or Expertise

  • Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology

Research Projects

  • Oct 2014-Sept 2015

    Project Coordinator of Project FIRST: Focused on Identifying and Reducing
    Barriers to Starting Treatment for Weight Management Salem VA VAMC
    Study Description: Focus group designed to identify barriers to MOVE weight
    management treatment for Veterans with HIV
    Responsibilities: Created study plan, developed materials and focus group
    questions, coded and analyzed focus group data using thematic analysis.

  • Aug 2012-Aug 2013

    Sub-Investigator, US Army Combat Divers Course Voluntary Withdrawals
    Study JFK Special Warfare Center, Ft Liberty (Bragg)
    Study Description: A cohort study identifying factors that predict withdrawal
    using pre- and post- training data from the elite US Army Combat Divers course.
    Responsibilities: Assisted with the selection of validated measures to assess a
    unique military population, developed new normative data for this population,
    and identified potential predictors of withdrawal.

Selected Articles

  • Munro S., DiNatale E., Hartley SL., St. Jacques M., Oursler KA.. "Barriers and health beliefs related to weight management among Veterans with HIV. Military Medicine." Military Medicine Vol. 182(1), 2017: e1596-1602..
  • Lutes, L., Cummings, D., Littlewood, K., DiNatale, E., & Hambidge, B.. "A community health worker delivered intervention in African American women with type 2 diabetes: A 12-month randomized trial. Obesity." Obesity Vol. 25(8), 2017: 1329-1335.


  • 2018, 2020 Customer Service Award, American Lake VAMC, Primary Care Behavioral Health
  • 2019 Diversity-Equity-Inclusion Award, American Lake VAMC, Primary Care Behavioral Health
  • 2014 Chancellor’s Scholars Alumni Award, Appalachian State University, Honors Dept