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The Dept. of Psychology is honored to present our senior capstone presentations.

May 20, 2021

4:00-4:15 – Opening Remarks, Dr. Jon Grahe, Psychology Department Chair

4:15-5:05 – Concurrent Sessions in Zoom Breakout Rooms

5:05-5:10 – Break

5:10-6:00 – Student Awards and Recognition

Zoom Room 1

Dr. Wendelyn Shore & Dr. Marianne Taylor

``The Effectiveness of the English Language Arts Common Core Curriculum Regarding Middle School Students' Cognitive Development``
``Latinx Students' Success Barriers in United States Universities``
``How Do People Perceive Expressions of Anger and Sadness in Men Versus Women?``
``How Team Culture in Sports Impacts Coping Strategies and Stress Levels Compared to Non-Student Athletes``
``Purpose-Driven Meaning: Understanding Life's Meaning Through Beliefs in Well-Being``
*Capstone Project **PSYC 242 Project

Zoom Room 2

Dr. Jon Grahe & Dr. Michelle Ceynar

``Aiding the Social & Emotional Development of Pre-K Children with Children's Literature``
``Experiences of College Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder During the Covid-19 Pandemic``
``Effects of Vocalization and Presence of Parents on Altruism``
``Perceptions of Police Use of Force-Based on Suspect Race and Disability Status``
``The Effect of Religion on Optimism and Depression``
*Capstone Project **PSYC 242 Project

Zoom Room 3

Dr. Corey Cook, Dr. Tiffany Artime, & Dr. Heidi McLaughlin

``Bipolar Disorder: Diverse Perspectives and Where Problems in Treatment Reside``
``Effects of Target Gender and Acceptance of Help on Perceived Emotional Strength``
``Perceptions of Public Altercations by Target Race and Autism Diagnosis``
``The Effects of Parents with Narcissistic Personality Disorder on Children's Social-Emotional Development and Attachment Styles
``Effects of Gender and GAD Diagnosis on Perceptions of College Student Behavior``
*Capstone Project **PSYC 242 Project