Psychology Student Research Conference

Psychology Student Research Conference

Psychology Student Research Conference

December 12, 2019

4:00-6:30 pm

Anderson University Center

Chris Knutzen Hall

Session 1: 4:00-5:00 p.m.

* PSYC242 Advanced Research Methods Project

Mental Health Implications of Solitary Confinement Among Marginalized Prisoners

The Well-Being of Our Educators

Who Am I? Gender Differences in Identity Exploration During the Transition Into Adulthood

Characteristics of Stalkers: How Do You Prevent Individuals from Stalking?

Changing Criminal Social Identity (CSI): Reducing Recidivism and Facilitating Reintegration

How Nature-Based Activities Improve Mental Wellness for Adults with Depression

How Attachment Style Impacts One’s Perception of Success

The Effects of Deep and Shallow Instructions in Memory Recall with the Use of Music

The Effect of Gender Differences on Perceptions of Threat, Object Salience, & Approachability

Rape Culture on College Campuses: What Factors Relate to College Students’ Attitudes Towards Victims?

Mental Health & Cancer: What Role does Empathy have concerning patients?

Reducing Mind Wandering by Increasing Interest: An Extended Replication of Feng et al. at Pacific Lutheran University

The Effect of Stress on Self-Esteem in College Students

Replacing Difficult with Doubt: A Replication of De Neys et al. at PLU

Belief in Astrology as Predicted by Self-Attribution Bias

Session 2: 5:00-6:00 p.m.

* PSYC242 Advanced Research Methods Project

Rape Myth Acceptance and the Perpetuation of Rape Culture on College Campuses

Social Influencers & their Attributes

Exploring the Uncanny Valley Effect in Likeability and Trust: A Conceptual Replication Study

Microaggressions within Dyadic Interactions

Exploring the Effects of Teaching Styles on Students’ Anxiety and Self-Esteem

Doing the Job of Two: Attitudes Towards Marital Status and Gender

Dreams: What Are They Made Of?

Cultural Divide: Differences Between Authoritarian and Tiger Parenting Styles

Individual Differences in Fundamental Motives and Perceptions of Sexual Assault

Prejudice Towards Out-groups is Shaped by Unconscious Biological Fear

The Effect of Report Card Language on the Formation of Beliefs About Future Academic Performance

When Knowledge Lucks Out: Replication of Turri et al. (2015)

The Effect of Mind Wandering, Text Difficulty, and Interest on Reading Comprehension: A Replication-Plus-Extension Study

Gender Differences on Coping with Stress

Intuitive Judgement Making Under Uncertain Circumstances