Psychology Student Research Conference

Session 1: 4:30-5:15 p.m.

* PSYC242 Advanced Research Methods Project

Interactions of Gender, Infidelity Type and Self-Esteem on Likelihood of Extending Forgiveness

Social Media, Well-Being, and Connections to Self-Diagnosis of Mental Illness

Persuasive influences on anxious college students: Perseverance as a predictor*

Perceptions of Leadership Between Men and Women in the Workplace

Counseling the Incarcerated: A Systematic Review of Therapy Programs for Inmates

The influence of forgiveness on friendship quality.*

First in the Family: Transitioning into higher education as a First Generation Student. Promoting Academic Self Efficacy & Teaching Strategies

Morality, Culture, and Language: Exploring Connections and Choices

Does Grit and Frustration Affect College Students’ Performance on Patterned Answered Exams? *

Let’s get zesty: Performance on simple and complicated tasks*

Session 2: 5:20-6:05 p.m.

* PSYC242 Advanced Research Methods Project

 Individual Memory Processes That Influence Collective Memory: A Review of Existing Literature

Jokes on You (Me?): The Humorous Link Between Mindfulness and Humor Style*

ISIS: Human Factors and Strategy

The Effects of Social Media Screen Time on Body Image and Overall Mood

Does Speed Matter? Handwriting Versus Typing Notes in Lectures of Different Speeds

Your Mindset Affects your Brain: Effects of Hope and Motivation on Academic Performance*

Parasocial Relationship: An Aid for Attachment

A Guide to ADHD for K-12 Teachers

Psychology Student Research Conference

December 7, 2023

4:30-6:30 pm

Chris Knutzen Hall, Anderson University Center