Psychology Student Research Conference Spring 2020

The Dept. of Psychology is honored to present our senior capstone presentations.
May 14, 2020

Zoom Room 1

Jon Grahe & Andrew Franks

Not A Sure Thing: Comparing Bayesian and Quantum Models of Decision Making. *   Clara Elizabeth

College Student Perceptions of Various Target Groups. *   William Goff & Meghan Kajc-Nelson

Memory & Meaning: The Effect of Language on Short-Term Memory. **   Maria Anderson, Stephanie Knaack, Alisha Nkwonta

Effects of Red on a Performance Task: Priming with Approach and Avoidance Works. **   Andrea G. Deal, Breanne N. Tarrant, Brian J. Castleton, Travis Suggs

Religious Identity and Perceived Privilege. ***   Jake Mahnke, Dr. Corey Cook, Dr. Andrew Fran

* Capstone    ** PSYC 242    *** Severtson

Zoom Room 2

Marianne Taylor & Laura Shneidman

Mortality Salience, Contemporary Militant Extremism, & Moderating Factors. *   Griffin Kees

Cognitive Reactions to Committed Crimes. *   Madison Sanders & Liza Radford

Pushing Up Daisies: Mortality Salience & Attitudes Towards Climate Change. *   Fiona Larkin & April Sabor

The Effects of Childhood Bullying On Adult Life. **   McKenzie Pfeiffer, Carly Dailey, Rudy King

Values & The Moral Identity: A Closer Look At Transgression-Relevant Responses. **   Brandon Ishise, Carlos Domingo-Arenas, Dalen Todorov

Does The Halo Effect Apply To Non-Heterosexual Men? A Replication & Extension. ***   Leah H. Magee & Corey L.Cook

* Capstone    ** PSYC 242    *** Severtson

Zoom Room 3

Michelle Ceynar & Jonathan Adams

Grant Proposal: Emotional Valence & Arousal on Recognition. *   Gabe Rivera

Personality Lensing and Moral Flexibility. *   Devin Johns

The Effect of Instagram on Psychological Well-Being of High School & University Students. *   Cammy Widman & Alexis Herion

Effects of Stress and Multitasking on Academic Performance. **   Anastasia Hartshorn, Alexes Cowan, Elsa Yeomans

Types of Mind Wandering: The Role of Personality & Age. **   Rebecca Pierce, Richard Oeun, Dacia Chorman, Shanelle Lum

Effect of Religious Priming On Perceptions of Sexually- Permissive Heterosexual and Homosexual Men. **   Farhang Hesami, Kassidy J Shibley, Jackie A Soto-Oseguera, Kriszha A. Yabut

* Capstone    ** PSYC 242

Zoom Room 4

Sara Finley & Corey Cook

Program Review of the PLU Couple and Family Therapy Center. *   Madison Foster & Gina Snyder

Managers: Creating a Better Work Environment & Productivity. *   Sarah Glasco

Gender Differences in Self Blame: Sexual Assault Experiences & Negative Life Events. *   Nanea Anderson

The Effects of Crowd- vs. Isolation-Priming & Intergroup Effects on Helping Behavior. **   Ashley J Choi, Railey J Speck, Hannah VanHeyningen

The Effects of Diagnosis Disclosure & Autism-Related Behavior on Perceptions of Peers. **   Grace M Bingay, Darcy A Erwin, Arianna M Hillman

* Capstone    ** PSYC 242

Recognition of Faculty