Psychology Student Research Conference

Psychology Fall Virtual Research Conference

4:00 to 5:10pm Thursday, December 10th 2020

If you would like to join the Zoom meeting, please email Laura Shneidman at

Please make sure you have updated to the latest version of zoom (Zoom 5.3.0 or later) in order to navigate between breakout sessions during the conference.

Schedule of Events


Opening remarks, Dr. Grahe, chair of the department


Concurrent sessions in Zoom breakout rooms

Zoom Room 1 (Chair, Dr. Taylor)

4:15pm – The Health Benefits of Students Adopting Animals Out of Shelters Grant Proposal, Brian Castleton*

4:25pm – Analyzing Changes in Family-Oriented Markers of Adulthood over Time, Saige Ballard**

4:35pm – The Impact of Family and Media on Developing Eating Disorders in Adolescents, McKensi Holm & Lilieth Hall-McWilliams*

4:45pm – How Trust Predicts Health-Protective Behaviors During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Kailee “Kay” Akers & Noah Collell**

4:55pm – How did “Staying Informed” Predict Anxiety and Feelings of Hopelessness Early in the COVID-19 Pandemic, Jessica Fagan**

* Capstone project    ** PSYC 242 project    *** Severtson project

Zoom Room 2 (Chair, Dr. Grahe)

4:15pm – Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions for Alzheimer’s Disease: A Home Care Approach, Andrea Deal*

4:25pm – Assessing the Relationships between Mental Health, Behavior,
Perceived Social Isolation, and Knowledge of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Darcy Erwin & Sarah Koenig*

4:35pm – Effects of Negative Facial Expressions on Mood and Memory, Alexes Cowan*

4:45pm – Student Athletes Fighting Against Poor Mental Health, Shanelle Lum*

4:55pm – Assessing Same-Sex Sexual Assault Cases, Dexter E. Finn & Alicia McGee-Burleson*

* Capstone project    ** PSYC 242 project    *** Severtson project

Zoom Room 3 (Chair, Dr. Cook)

4:15pm – Individual Differences and the Effect of Contexts in Optimal Stopping Problems, Stella Wang*

4:25pm – Examining the Conditional Effects of Racial Framing on Public Policy Support: Racial Attitudes, Just World Beliefs, and the COVID-19 Pandemic, Farhang Hesami*

4:35pm – Examining Predictive Value of Measures of Adulthood in Interpretation of Adults Living Arrangements, Dannie Vashchenko & Duvan Vaca-Trujillo**

4:45pm – Directionality Effects and Exceptions in Learning Phonological Alternations, Stella Wang***

4:55pm – American Attitudes and Actions on COVID-19 as the Pandemic Progressed; A Look into Perceived Risk and Health-Protective Behaviors, Iliana Benitez & Mia Solorio**

* Capstone project    ** PSYC 242 project    *** Severtson project

Zoom Room 4 (Chair, Dr. Ceynar)

4:15pm – Navigating the pandemic with your child’s temperament in mind: A guide for parents, Ashley Choi*

4:25pm – Predicted Health Protective Behaviors from Demographics and Perceived Risk, Olivia De Leon**

4:35pm – Anxiety Levels in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Behavioral Changes, Family Structure, and Political Affiliation, Breanne Tarrant and Elsa Yeomans*

4:45pm – The Efficacy of Animal-Assisted Therapy for Treatment of PTSD in Veterans, Travis Suggs*

* Capstone project    ** PSYC 242 project    *** Severtson project