Psychology Student Research Conference

Psychology Student Research Conference
May 18, 2023
4:00-6:30 pm
Rieke Science Center – Lobby

Session 1: 4:00-4:45 p.m.

“Emotional Regulation Effects on Mental Well-Being”
Amber R. Shisler

“Perceptions of Script-Consistent and Script-Divergent Events Across Ethnicities”
Stephanie Aparicio Zambrano and Elena Schmidt

“The Effects of Body Posture and Environmental Sound on Creativity”*
Jenna L. Hamilton & Mel N. Wheeler

“Mixed Messages in Mate Selection: The Effects of Mate-Choice Copying and Infidelity Priming on Desire in Heterosexual Women”*
Sonika Nigam & Susanna J. Sphar

“Compassion Towards Fathers Alone with their Child: Can First Impressions be Overridden by Later Observations?”*
Amberly J. Lunsford, Julia A. Shcherenkova, Ariana C. Tiangco

“The Effects of Charged Media on Political Polarization”
Gunnar W.P. Sebright and Lea R. Jefson

“Mental Health in NCAA Student Athletes”
Cassidy Conrad

Session 2: 4:50-5:35p.m.

“The Effects of Different Durations of Yoga & Weightlifting on Mood & Self- Satisfaction”*
Hannah C. Cecil, Kasidy L. Javernick & PJ Morales

“What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie? Individual Differences and Horror Movie Enjoyment”
Bailey J. Smith

“Romantic Attraction: Influencing Factors in Heterosexual Relationships Depending on Gender”
Tina Cao

“How Social Comparison and Expectancies Impact Self-Efficacy on a Puzzle Task”*
Brianna L. Christiansen, Zachary L. Gong, Isabelle J. Phillips

“Anthropomorphism in Artificial intelligence: Psychological Implications for Developmental Robotics”
Jonah Maier

“Therapeutic Recreation Intervention to Decrease Risk of Suicidal Harm in Adolescents”
Connor M. Davis

Title TBA
Adalid Martinez

* PSYC242 Advanced Research Methods Project