Sankta Lucia Scholarship

The Scandinavian Cultural Center is proud to annually award a PLU student with a Lucia scholarship, given in honor of Betty Larson, a long time supporter of the Center. This $1000 award goes to the student who most embodies the quality of Sankta Lucia.

This year, the candidates who apply for the scholarship will write an essay, subject to be determined soon.

The applicants will be interviewed by the Scandinavian Cultural Center Council’ Lucia Committee. They will also help with fundraising for local food banks. The essays and service are considered in determining the awarding of the Lucia Scholarship.

Normally, the pool of candidates who apply for this scholarship participate in the Sankta Lucia Festival by working with children on dances and crafts, and singing the Lucia songs at nursing homes, charity events, and at the public event at PLU. They also write an essay describing how they embody and articulate the Core Elements of Lutheran Higher Education. Then all of the applicants are interviewed one-on-one by three members of the Scandinavian Cultural Center Council. The essays, interviews, and sense of service as exemplified through participation in the Lucia Festival are all combined to determine who should be crowned PLU’s Lucia.

2023 Rehearsal Schedule

Lucia Candidate orientation, rehearsals, and interview dates will begin the first Sunday of November. The rehearsal times will be determined by students availability on Sundays but on Nov. 5, orientation will start at 4:00pm in the SCC.

2023 Lucia Scholarship

Application for Lucia Scholarship

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Past winners of the Scandinavian Cultural Center Lucia Scholarship are:

1950  Lola (Murk) Gracey
1951  Unknown
1952  Unknown
1953  Charlotte (Brandt) Nordling
1954  Marion (Churness) Salvage
1955  Lois (Grimsrud) Capps
1956  Joy (Nelson) Johnson
1957  Hazel Dell Hansen
1958  Nadine (Bruins) Tetrault
1959  Nancy Johanson

1960 Judy Schwartz
1961 Karin (Pihl) Leander
1962 Nancy (Jurgenson) Pearson
1963 Susie Schuler
1964 Tarina Kirkeeng
1965 Marion (Whitley) McDougal
1966 Jan (Swanson) Praxel
1967 Judith (Zatterberg) Davis
1968 Kathleen (Johnsen) Hansen
1969 Jan Morsman

1970 Joan (Richter) Gladow
1971 Candace (Bryant) Cooper
1972 Constance Johnson
1973 Sharon Anderson
1974 Linda Kay (Loftis) Jensen
1975 Kristine (Ringo) Isaacson
1976 Laurel (Frosig) Krueger
1977 Hilde Bjorhovde
1978 Abigail (Miles) Durrett
1979 Gretchen (Wick) Palmer

1980 Lisa Marie (Corwin) Voetberg
1981 Anna Marie (Kvamme) Lee
1982 Liz (Meyer) Comstock
1983 Julie (Gustafson) McGrath
1984 Coleen (Buren) Gunderson
1985 Brenda Johnson
1986 Anne (Larson) Gribble
1987 Janet Erickson
1988 Karin (Gilmer) Kupp
1989 Karen (Bennett) Herr

1990 Kristin (Koss) Flandreau
1991 Heather Koller
1992 Julie (Pelton) Bradshaw
1993 Monica (Day) Milton
1994 Hanna Peterson
1995 Scyller Borglum
1996 Chrstine Bumpous
1997 Karin Anderson
1998 JooHee Berglund
1999 Elise Erickson

2000 Kristen Helleson
2001 Gillian Hansen
2002 Lisa Morgenthaler
2003 Jennifer Newman
2004 Jeni Wilson
2005 Courtney Swanson-Mellich
2006 Kari (Engelson) Donaldson
2007 Kate Geldaker
2008 Emma Kane
2009 Caroline Olsen

2010 Emma Struss
2011 Anna Milliren
2012 Kiersten Bowers
2013 Anna McCracken
2014 Margret (Meg) Dolde
2015 Chelsea Miller
2016 Karli Floyd
2017 Marie Tomasik
2018 Kristi Floyd
2019 Aubrietta McCrone

2020 – Maddie Lamwers

2021 – Tiffany Wong

2022 – Isabella Bernas

2023 – Adam Johnson