Executive Board

The Executive Board consists of the following: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Outreach Group Coordinator, Activities Group Coordinator, Services Group Coordinator, and the immediate Past President. The SCC Director, the Chair of the Scandinavian Studies Program, the Curator of the Scandinavian Immigrant Experience Collection, and a representative from PLU’s Development Office serve as ex officio members. The Executive Board conducts the business of the Cultural Council between its business meetings, fixes the hour and place of meetings, authorizes expenditures, and makes recommendations to the Cultural Council for action.

Cultural Council

The Cultural Council consists of the members of the Executive Board, standing committee chairs and co-chairs, and at least one person of Nordic heritage to represent each of the five Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden). The Cultural Council meets monthly to plan and organize events and exhibits sponsored by the Cultural Center.

Executive Board Members

SCC Director - Troy Storfjell PhD

The Director oversees the planning and implementation of events and activities in the SCC; works with the Treasurer to maintain accurate accounts of income and expenditures related to the Council; serves as liaison between local Nordic groups, museums, foundations and other Nordic organizations; oversees the coordination and ongoing development of the membership organization; provides supervision, training and coordination of office assistants and volunteers; serves as curator of artifacts; and serves as Editor of the Center’s bimonthly newsletter.

President - Judy Scott

The President presides at meetings of the Executive Board and the Cultural Council, performs such duties as ordinarily pertain to the office, and works with the Director in overseeing the planning of the activities of the SCC.

Vice President - Kate Emanuel-French

The Vice President presides at meetings of the Executive Board and the Cultural Council in the absence of the President and performs other duties as pertain to the office.

Secretary - Ruth Peterson

The Secretary records the minutes of the Executive Board and Council meetings, sends out notices of meetings, and preserves the minutes of all meetings.

Treasurer - Melody Stepp

The Treasurer works with the Director in preparing the annual budget, verifies monthly financial reports, and is responsible for the collection of admission fees at SCC events.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board meets on an ad hoc basis to consider matters of management, operation, and capital improvement. The Board consists of the Director of the University Center, the Chair of the Nordic Studies Program, the SCC Council President, the SCC Director, the Associate Vice President – Diversity, Justice, and Sustainability, and up to five members of the Cultural Council.