Maddie Lamwers

SCC Intern


Office Location:Anderson University Center - Room 109

Employed: 4 Years

  • Biography


Maddie Lamwers is a 5th year PLU student working on degrees in History and Elementary Education. She first began working with the Scan Center her first year at PLU as a result of the Sankta Lucia program, and eventually went on to be crowned Lucia in 2020. She continues to work with the Scan Center on the Lucia program as it is an opportunity to work with kids and build a stronger community.

When Maddie is not at school (college or elementary for practicum), she is at home in Minnesota spending time with family. She enjoys watching comedies, baking, doing arts and crafts, travelling, drinking coffee, and reading. After graduation, she hopes to be on a Fulbright Scholarship to Namibia or to continue with her higher education by pursuing a masters in an education related field.

Maddie works as the Scan Center’s general  intern and does work that includes hosting events, planning projects, and creating an open line of communication between PLU students and the larger Parkland/Tacoma community. She hopes to ensure that the Scan Center continues to be a community meeting place where important events are hosted and people from diverse backgrounds come together to learn from each other.