Dave Gunovich

Dave Gunovich

Interim Dean of Enrollment Services

253-535-7428 (office)



Charles Wright, Annie Wright, Bellarmine Preparatory, Tacoma Baptist, Life Christian, Mt. Rainier Lutheran, and Covenant Schools; Homeschooled Students


Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education, Social Sciences, Pacific Lutheran University, 1982

Master of Arts in Social Sciences, Pacific Lutheran University, 1995


Fircrest, WA


I enjoy spending time with my wife and my dog. I am an active person and enjoy time in the gym, on the golf course, kayaking and working in my yard and garden. I’ve been on the same softball team with a group of friends for over 20 years.

What's one thing every prospective student should know about PLU?

PLU is truly a unique COMMUNITY! It is a place where you will be challenged to work harder than you ever thought possible and to think and grow in wonderful new ways. It is a place that will support you as you grow and learn. It is a place where students, faculty and staff support one another and interact in unique and amazing ways and where friendships are built that will last a lifetime. It isn’t just a great school, it is a great family. That’s what makes PLU unique. Come check it out for yourself!

What do you like about living in the Northwest?

I love living in the northwest - it’s God’s country! I have lived my entire life here, so I am a little biased, but where else can you find mountains, trees, oceans, rivers, lakes and wonderful clean air? Sure it rains once in awhile, but that is what fuels the trees and keeps everything so clean and fresh. I know there is nothing more beautiful than a northwest sunset over the water on warm spring day…unless maybe it is the gorgeous sunrise over Mount Rainier.