Karl  Stumo

Karl Stumo

Vice President for Admission and Enrollment Services

253-535-7151 (office)



Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Communication and English Writing, Concordia College, 1992

Masters of Science in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Iowa State University, 2000


I’m originally from Minnesota, but Tacoma is my home now!


My family and I are big Lute fans. We go to PLU athletic events, concerts, celebrations, and special programming. The PLU community has become our extended home. My wife and I have three little children that fill our days with cheer and chaos! I also love politics, sports, and good movies.

What’s one thing every prospective PLU student should know?

If you come to PLU you will be asked to work very hard. You’ll be pushed to dig deep to determine your full academic capacity. Faculty members will ask a lot of you. You’ll read more, write more, and think more than you have in high school. You’ll be held to academic high standards. At the same time, you’ll be supported in these challenges like never before. Faculty, staff, administrators, and your fellow classmates will be offering guidance, support, and encouragement all along the way. This balance of challenge and support IS the PLU college experience.

What’s one thing that still surprises you about PLU?

I’m amazed at PLU’s commitment to excellence and continual improvement. Despite national and international recognition for many of the best attributes of a college education, faculty, administrators, staff and students are continually seeking ways to enhance the PLU college experience. Faculty are continually researching new and improved means of teaching and learning, staff members are always seeking new ways to couple the academic and student life phase of the PLU experience, and administrators are continually striving to invest in the university’s infrastructure in order to offer students a college experience of the highest value. This dedication to constant advancement has a direct impact on the actual experiences that current and future students will have at PLU. This place never rests.

Name one way that PLU has changed your life.

Working at PLU and becoming a member of the community has impacted my life in many ways. The relationships I have with my fellow PLU family members and the important work we do together on behalf of PLU students keeps me going every day. Life’s good here!