Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services does cleaning support and trash pick up for all academic and residential buildings, common areas, office complexes, classrooms, and events. Cleaning Services is devoted to making our campus as sustainable as possible. Here is what we have done to help the initiative:


Mary Roberts,
Interim Cleaning Services Manager
Phone: 253-535-8437

  • Our toilet tissue is 100% recycled with a minimum of 20% post consumer waste.
  • Our paper towels are a minimum of 40% post consumer waste. None of these supplies were manufactured through a bleaching process or 
  • Our daily use cleaning products are Green Seal approved. They are formulated to lesson the impact on the environment. They are non-toxic, phosphate free, biodegradable, non-flammable, and do not contain any dyes or fragrances.
  • We fully support the “Can The Can” campaign, which can help reduce up to 100,000 trash can liners from reaching our landfill each year.

Hints to help us better serve you:

During summer months ( June – August ), ALL staff shifts are half-time on Fridays. Offices will be cleaned no more than 2x per week and faculty and staff are encouraged to help keep their personal areas clean.  If there are books, papers, boxes, dishes, or other material in or on these areas, these areas will not be cleaned so as not to disturb personal items. Be sure to clearly label larger items for disposal; we do not want to throw away anything that you want to keep.