Campus Life Committee (CLC)

Membership: Six members elected from the faculty for three-year overlapping terms.

Advisory Membership:  Provost, vice president for student life, director of auxiliary services, director for residential life, faculty athletic representative, associate director of student rights and responsibilities, assistant director of international student services, one student selected by the Associated Students of PLU. Consistent with Article IV, Section 4, Subsection 4b, g and h of the Faculty Bylaws, advisory members shall have the same rights and privileges as any other member of the committee except the right to make motions and to vote.

General Purpose:  To consider in a coordinative fashion matters pertaining to the academic and social aspects of university life.

Specific Duties:

  1. To advise the faculty, the administration, and student government regarding matters pertaining to the academic and social environment of the university, including the coordination and balance of such matters in campus life, and to propose related measures appropriate for action.
  2. To provide faculty representation to university committees and other university organizations in matters dealing with academic and social aspects of university life, and to regularly report back to the Campus Life Committee regarding the work of these committees and organizations.  In particular, we provide representatives to the following: a) the Standing and University Committees on the Admission and Retention of Students (advisory members as described in Faculty Bylaws Article V, Section 4, Subsection 4b, g) (1 representative each), b) Campus Ministry Council (1 representative), c) University Diversity Committee (1 representative), d) University Media Board (1 representative). (In cases of formal complaints to the University Media Board, two additional members of the Campus Life Committee shall be appointed to sit on the board for the hearing and disposition of the case), e) University Review Board (2 representatives), f) the Parking Committee (1 representative), g) Safety Committee (1 representative), h) Who’s Who and Pinnacle Society Selection Committees (1 representative each), i) Associated Students of Pacific Lutheran University (1 representative), j) Other committees and organizations, upon request, depending upon availability and congruency with the CLC charge and business.
  3. To review the university’s Academic Integrity Policy, as stated in the Academic Integrity Policy, and to recommend changes to the University Review Board.
  4. To serve as faculty representatives to Academic Dishonesty Hearing Panels, as stated in the Academic Integrity Policy, and to recommend student representatives to Academic Dishonesty Hearing Panels through coordination with the deans.
  5. The chair of the Campus Life Committee shall serve on the Conciliation Committee in accordance with Article VI, Section 1, b of the Faculty Bylaws.
  6. To report to the faculty as necessary concerning matters of faculty interest, including the activities and of those designated organizations on which it is represented.
  7. To advise, as necessary, the administration regarding bulletins, other general university publications, and the use of broadcast facilities, and to study problems and represent the faculty in matters dealing with publications and broadcast.
  8. To consider and, if appropriate, refer to the faculty issues relating to intercollegiate athletic practices, including the implications of the athletic program in relation to the university’s academic program.
  9. To advise the president on the designation of a faculty athletic representative.
  10. To make a written report to the faculty at least once a year. The chair of the committee shall file a record of the committee’s activities in duplicate reports–one with the faculty secretary and one with the president of the university at the close of the school year.

Membership for 2015-16:

Name: Amanda Sweger (
Department: Communication and Theatre
Committee Seat: Expires 2016
Contact: 253-538-2175

Name: Mike Schleeter ( – Chair
Department: Philosophy
Committee Seat: Expires 2016
Contact: 253-535-7218

Name: Genevieve Williams (
Department: Library
Committee Seat: Expires 2017
Contact: 253-535-7443

Name: Elisabeth Esmiol ( – Secretary
Department: Marriage and Family Therapy
Committee Seat: Expires 2017
Contact: 253-535-7599

Name: Heidi Schutz (
Department: Biology
Committee Seat: Expires 2018
Contact: 253-535-7094

Name: Bridget Yaden (
Department: Languages & Literatures
Committee Seat: Expires 2018
Contact: 253-535-8330