Ad hoc committees are standing committees consisting of members of the faculty and members of other segments of the university. Ad hoc university committees may be created by the provost or the president without formal faculty authorization, provided that they do not exist for more than 60 days.

General Education Review and Revision

Appointed Positions
Michelle Ceynar (Psychology) – Faculty Chair (co-chair), Division of Social Sciences
Lauri McCloud (Sociology)  –  Gen Ed Council member, Division of Social Sciences
Kevin O’Brien (Religion)  –  CAS Dean (co-chair), Division of Humanities
Scott Rogers (English)  –  Gen Ed Council member, Division of Humanities
Matt Smith (Biology) – Gen Ed Council member, Division ofNatural Sciences
Ron Gerhardstein (Music)  – Gen Ed Council member, School of Arts and Communication
Kory Brown (Business)  – EPC member , School of Business
Karen McConnell (Kinesiology)  –  EPC member, School of Education and Kinesiology
Jennifer Smith  – Dean for Inclusive Excellence

Elected Positions
Claire Todd (Geosciences) –  Division of Natural Sciences
Sharon Wallace – School of Nursing

Reduction in Force Appeals Committee

Teresa Ciabattari  (Sociology) – Division of Social Sciences
James Albrecht (English) – Division of Humanities
Heather Matthews  (Art and Design) – School of Arts and Communication
Marit Trelstad  (Religion) – Division of Humanities
Lynn Hunnicutt  (Economics) – Division of Social Sciences
Svend Ronning  (Music) – School of Arts and Communication
Jill Whitman (Geosciences) – Division of Natural Sciences
Sylvia Wood  – School of Nursing
Mark Mulder – School of Business
Ksenija Simic-Muller (Mathematics) – Division of Natural Sciences