Core Curriculum Committee (CCC)

Membership: Three faculty members elected from the faculty for three-year overlapping terms with the provision that the committee be comprised of one member chosen from the College of Liberal Studies; one member chosen from the College of Natural Sciences, and one member chosen from either the College of Health Professions or the College of Professional Studies.

Advisory Membership:  Director of first year experience program; director of international honors program; director of core curriculum; dean for inclusive excellence; registrar; a representative from Academic Advising; a representative for academic assessment; a student selected by the Associated Students of PLU. Consistent with Article IV, Section 4, Subsection B, 7 and 8 of the Faculty Bylaws, advisory members shall have the same rights and privileges as any other member of the committee except the right to make motions and to vote.

General Purpose:  To support, develop, and oversee the Core Curriculum (which includes FYEP and IHON), with significant administrative oversight by the director of core curriculum, including communication with the faculty regarding programmatic matters.

Structure: The chair of the Core Curriculum Committee works closely with the director of core curriculum and others who directly interact with curricular and assessment decisions

Specific Duties:

  1. To work in collaboration with the director of core curriculum for the purpose of ensuring programmatic qualify and consistency.  This occurs through:
    a. Initial approval of Core Curriculum designation(s) for courses.
    b. Consistent review cycle of approved courses
    c. Development and implementation of assessment standards and protocols.
  2. To develop and oversee appropriate policies and protocols that facilitate the creation of specific learning outcomes, the development of courses, the assessment of student learning in these courses, and quality assurance for the Core Curriculum.
  3. To work in collaboration with appropriate administrators to enact these approved policies and procedures.
  4. To develop and oversee policies for regular programmatic curriculum review, revision and oversight of the Core Curriculum.
  5. To work in collaboration with appropriate administrators to conduct the review for and report the results of this review and recommendations to appropriate bodies (e.g., the faculty, the Educational Policies Committee, the provost, etc.).
  6. To facilitate general program management and delivery including:
    a. Review and approve new course proposals subject to the regular policies and procedures established by the university faculty.
    b. Review existing courses as part of on-going program review and recommend removal of designations as necessary.
    c. Develop policies for waivers and exceptions to program requirements.
  7. To advocate, promote and represent the Core Curriculum.
  8. To coordinate the general education program with other academic units subject to the regular policies and procedures established by the university faculty.
  9. To make a written report to faculty at least once a year. The chair of them committee shall file a record of the committee’s activities in duplicate reports—one with the faculty secretary and one with the president of the university at the close of the school year.

Membership for 2023-24:

Name: Jacob Egge ( – Chair
Department: Biology
Committee Seat: Expires 2024
Contact: 253-535-7569

Name: Rebecca Wilkin (
Department: Global and Cultural Studies
Committee Seat: Expires 2025
Contact: 253-535-7313

Name: Wendy Gardiner ( – Secretary
Department: Education
Committee Seat: Expires 2026
Contact: 253-535-8342